Looking after your body doesn’t need to be difficult and when you start eating clean you’ll notice a massive difference straight away. Clean eating is about eating foods that haven’t been processed and that pack a nutritional punch. Real food that is as close to their natural state as possible and that have been grown keeping animals and the environment at the forefront of importance are all key components of healthy eating. So it’s you’re thinking this sounds like something you’d like to try out then read on for a few tips to get going.

Make Your Salad Colorful

Add in a few fresh veggies and even a fruit or two and your salad will pop with color. Humans are visual beings and colors really make things look appetising. Pomegranate seeds, orange segments and apple slices are simple ways to bring sweetness to a salad and make your brain think something delicious is being placed in front of it.


Fill Up Your Fridge

It’s sometimes tempting to just grab things on the go but you’re less likely to do that if you know you’ve got a fridge full of fresh food at home. While opening a jar of sauce might seem like the easy option, the number of additives and preservatives packed into them means It really is worthwhile making something from scratch. Even better, home made food tastes much better so you’ll be doing your health and your happiness a massive favor!

Prep in Advance

If you know you’ve got a busy week ahead of you then don’t leave it to chance on whether you’ll have something prepared for a meal. You can do plenty of meal prep in advance and pop it into the fridge or freezer. Whether it’s making a sauce that you can heat up on the night or getting some oats in the fridge for breakfast the next day, you’ll thank yourself when you’re eating something fresh and delicious.

Choose Grains

Refined carbs are easy to come by and easy to cook but they provide very little nutritional value and are easily replaced by other things that are a lot more delicious. Instead of using refined carbs you should try going for grains and oats that will not only taste amazing and fill you up but could reduce the chances of you gaining weight, too.

Avoid Vegetable Oils and Spreads

The very process of getting these oils from the seeds and vegetables is packed full of chemicals making them very highly processed. While standard vegetable oils and spreads are off limits it is important to keep up with enough healthy fats. Try using extra virgin coconut oil and olive oil as a replacement and feel the benefits take over.

Clean eating is a great way of moderating the amount of junk food you eat while allowing your body to have the best chance to grow well. By undertaking the clean eating diet you are giving yourself the best chance to let your body look and feel as good as possible.

Image: Unsplash.com / rawpixel.com / Isidor Emanuel

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