Protein supplements, protein shakes and ‘health bars’ with additional packed in protein are everywhere in the market nowadays, but what’s the real deal, and what is better for you in the long term? Make sure you know the facts before you start adding supplements to your diet that you perhaps don’t need, or taking away natural foods from your meal plans and switching them up for something perhaps not as good.


One of the main reasons that people turn to protein supplements after a session in the gym si convenience. It’s a heck of a lot easier to reach for a scoop of protein powder and some water or milk, than cook up a roast chicken dinner.

Whey protein and real, lean meat both contain good levels of amino acids which are brilliant for building and maintaining muscle tissue.

Whey protein has the advantage of not containing any fats but it’s worth noting that these supplements and shakes often contain additional amounts of lactose and carbohydrates. So if you are putting a lot of effort into eating clean and cutting out a lot of carbohydrates then make sure you put some thought into what ingredients are present in your chosen supplement.

Balanced diet

Then you need to consider the amount of nutrients that you are getting from a supplement over what you would get from a natural protein. For example, whey protein doesn’t contain any vitamins or fiber however you can usually find a brand of protein that has added vitamins and minerals in order to counteract this. 

It is important to remember that whey protein is not a substitute for real food, as it is not a complete food. It is formulated in order to be a supplement to your normal three meals a day.

If you choose to eat lean meat you will benefits from additional number of not only protein, but B vitamins, vitamin E and key minerals such as iron, zinc and magnesium – all vital to make sure your body is running smoothly and healthily.

On top this you need to make sure that you are feeding yourself a balanced diet and are practicing healthy eating, with a balanced plate of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.


One of the drawbacks that people find when choosing not to use supplements is the serving sizes. In order to get the high amounts of protein you need to be building lean muscle you need a lot of protein in your diet, and getting all of this from lean meats can be both time consuming and expensive. Men are recommended to eat around 56g of protein and 46 for women and a normal serving of lean meat can provides around 23g of protein, so you’d need a lot of portions or a shake to get up to your daily target.

So whey protein is brilliant is you are constantly on the go and need a quick protein fix, however, make sure to always supplement your supplements with real lean meats in order to give yourself a balanced meal at the end of a long day.

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