“L” Shuttles”

Key Points Make certain you’re starting from a sprinter’s crouch. Make certain you touch the ground on the way to the first cone and then sprint back before completing the “L” Run around the cone at the tip of the “L” when coming back.

10 Second Body Weight Squats

Key Points1. A real shock here… Take your time on the way down while squatting. In fact, take 10 seconds.2. Once you hit 90 degrees (the bottom of this squat exercise journey) really focus exploding upwards through your heels.

180 Jumps

Key Points1. The turn should be a smooth one, not one where your upper body is swinging violently.2. Make certain you land balanced and in control.

3 Broad Jumps with No Hold

Key Points1. Use your arms as catalysts for momentum. 2. Use the force of prior jump to fuel the explosion of the following.

3 Jumps with quarter Turns and No Holds

Key Points1. Position your mini-hurdles so that you have room to jump up high, and also to jump forward. 2. The turn should allow you to land facing 90 degrees from where you started your jump.