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Rob Pietroforte


It’s always a little awkward writing about yourself. I went through about 30 drafts before being comfortable with this. Why even have an About Us? In an effort to be transparent, you should have some sense of who is actually behind this company and why OneResult exists.

When I showed up at Johns Hopkins in the fall of 2005, I was a 6’2” 190 pound freshman baseball player with zero understanding of proper training or sports nutrition. Eighteen months later, under the tutelage of the team’s strength and conditioning coach, I was 6’3” 225 and finally ready to play successfully at the collegiate level.

Learning how to train, eat, and supplement properly had the largest  impact on my baseball career. By the time I graduated in 2008, I was a two-time ESPN Academic All-American, a first team All-American, a three-time first-team All-Conference selection, and a former member of the Chatham A’s in the Cape Cod League. None of it would have happened without the added strength and speed resulting from those 35 pounds.

After graduation, I thought about pursuing a career in baseball, but instead took a job in Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Healthcare Investment Banking group. Despite having “turned the page,” I found myself speaking all the time with high school and Hopkins athletes. In listening to their experiences, I realized that the need for better direction in athletic development and sports nutrition is a universal one. Everyone wants to improve his or her athletic ability by getting bigger, faster, and stronger, but very few actually know how to go about doing it.

Too many athletes today get their workouts from muscle magazines and aimlessly wander the aisles of local supplement retailers only to buy products that don’t work for them. I know because that was me in 2005. I was a high school kid with a strong affinity for bicep curls and a mother (love you mom) who wouldn’t let me take creatine because she heard it was “bad for your liver.” That rationale also kept me away from products that would actually cause me harm (like testosterone booster, fat burners, and all of the other products we don’t sell), but it didn’t help that there was no trusted source we could turn to for accurate information and a safe product selection.

These experiences are why I started OneResult. I want to empower athletes, and people who just want to look better, to make safer, more informed, decisions when it comes to taking supplements and to training properly. In providing training plans from NCAA strength coaches, nutrition plans from registered dietitians, and by only selling legal supplements that work, I hope 1R emerges as a trusted source in athletic development.

–  Rob Pietroforte

The 1r Promise

Given the number of performance enhancing drug scandals, athletes who’ve died from fat burners, and failed drug tests due to products containing banned substances over the past decade, we saw it fit to explicitly make the following promise to all of our customers: If you buy a product from us you will never have to worry about that product jeopardizing either your health or NCAA eligibility.

Having promised as much, let’s discuss what products we do, and do not, carry. Every year the NCAA publishes a banned substances list that cites a variety of compounds that can harm athletes, or artificially improve their performance. Included on the list are various street drugs, steroids, and testosterone boosters / prohormones. Should an athlete test positive for anything on this list, the NCAA suspends him or her from competing. As most of these products also jeopardize the health and safety of athletes, it’s for the best that the NCAA regularly tests for these substances. Which is why, if a product contains a banned substance, we do not sell it.

In contrast to all of our competitors, we also promise to never sell more than 100 supplements, allowing us to know at all times what we’re selling, and whether it’s compliant or not. All of these products are approved by third party regulators, like the NSF or BCSG, to ensure trace amounts of banned substances aren’t in anything we sell. For this reason, we don’t sell products from non-regulated manufacturers and we’ll never sell a fat burner, despite them being a major revenue source for nearly all supplement retailers. Our goal is to be the safe alternative to all consumers in a retail space widely criticized for a lack of regulation.

We hope this provides some reassurance, but should you remain concerned, please email us with any questions pertaining to a specific product we sell. We will promptly answer.

Thanks again for being a part of 1R as your involvement means a great deal to us.

Retail Advantage

Fast Delivery

Place an order with us before 2 PM Monday-Friday, and there’s a strong chance your order will get delivered in two business days.

Low Prices

We know you have a million options when it comes to supplement purchases. That’s why we make our prices as competitive as possible, and offer some of the lowest prices online.

Safe, NCAA-approved, products

We don’t sell fat burners, testosterone boosters, or anything else that’s not NCAA-legal. There’s lots of money to be made selling those products, but we can’t justify doing it.

Only products that work

We test everything that we sell. If it works, we sell it. If it doesn’t, we don’t. Nothing more to it than that.

Better product descriptions

We make supplements simple. All of our descriptions are in layman’s terms, so that you’re able to understand what it actually is that you’re buying.

Free training and nutrition plans

They’re free, they were created by NCAA-certified strength coaches and registered dieticians, and they’re tailored to your sport and goal. Getting better doesn’t mean just buying the right supplements. It means training well and eating well. We’ll help you do that.

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