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Now all you have to worry about is turning up on time. Dating can be a daunting experience. This will help make you feel more comfortable.

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Although, maybe avoid your normal Saturday night pub, as bumping into your mates could be a little distracting on your date. Across the board, confidence is attractive — enthusiasm will make you shine. She will sense your confidence as you talk passionately about it.

Many people may also be shy about their appearance. If this date goes well, there will be lots more opportunities to share your stories in the future. Listening is important, as it shows that you are interested in what she has to say. Try to keep your conversation light-hearted. Yes you do have to be serious sometimes, but in the early stages of dating, have some fun. Find out more about page archiving. How to Behave in the Outside World 1: Dating Tips Comments Share this page. Comments Post your comment Sign in or register to comment.

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We do like the same things! For some weird reason we like getting up in front of people and telling jokes and seeing how many days in a row we can wear the same shirt and hope no one will notice! One way to justify dating another comedian is that comedy in itself is a job, and a popular place to meet other people is at work, which is a testament to America's lazy pursuit of love and lifetimes of passive-aggressive marriages.

It's great for The Office; not so great in reality. But it's normal, I guess.

So it's not outlandish to meet other comedians on the open mic circuit and have a connection. Comedy is a job for the lazy go-getter. So with the logic that was provided to me by sitcoms, I began to wonder why the comedian attempting to be my surrogate father told me to not date a coworker. It's easier to get to know someone when they're not hiding behind the curtain of the Internet like the Wizard of Oz.

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Comedians pretty much lay it all out there on stage, unlike some people on Tinder or other dating sites. Except for this guy I saw on Tinder whose profile picture was next to what he referred to as his "favorite dumpster.

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Actually someone ought to check on that: There might be some bodies or something in there now that I think about it. Does it mean you can only go to comedy shows? Of course not, silly! As a couple, you will still feel that siren call in autumn that tells couples it's time to pick apples or the summer song harkening you to the famers market for overpriced apples that you mistakenly think I know how to turn into a dessert.

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If you two have managed to keep some regular friends after inviting them to multiple comedy shows, you'll still participate in the ancient ritual of game night, which should just about ensure that you'll be friendless by your first anniversary.