How long should you be dating before moving in together

Setting an arbitrary, inflexible rule about sleeping with someone is a bad idea, says Campbell, since it can interfere with the organic flow of a relationship. However, if you know you tend to get attached quickly, be careful of scheduling an adult sleepover too soon. But sharing anything more personal your sex life and number of partners, for example is up to you to decide.


When you really trust your partner This includes intimate details from your past, like a parent or sibling passing away, or an eating disorder or other health issue. And neither of those is a good reason to move in together. You can subtly bring it up by talking broadly about the future: How do they feel about people living together before marriage? Do they see themselves living in the same cities or states as you want to? Before you decide to get hitched, wait for the touchy two-year mark to pass.

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Search form Search Shape Magazine. You should be on the same page about whether or not to have kids, of course, but your discussion should go deeper than that: Talk about how you want to raise them, will you raise them religiously and in which faith, how will you discipline them, etc.


Cohabitation, on the other hand, tends to render me mute. As a researcher of family formation for 30 years, I know quite a bit. What stifles me is my respect for those whose opinions differ from mine. No matter the stance one takes, or if one teeters in the middle, cohabitation can be a touchy subject, particularly with family members.

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Once rare, cohabitation is now the norm. It requires no definition and causes hardly a furrowed brow.

How long should you date before living together?

But is marriage a sure-thing following cohabitation when cohabitation is, by nature, deemed more stressful than marriage? Furthermore, ample research indicates living together before marriage actually decreases the odds of marital success, and may, in fact, make it riskier the longer a couple cohabits.

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These proclamations, however, dissuade few; after all, cohabitation appears to be so darn logical: However, I do advise couples to make the decision thoughtfully and to consider all the implications. Take the time to understand facts and myths associated with cohabitation. Reading even a sampling of the research will introduce a hefty matrix of factors moral and religious aspects aside that one should consider when weighing the pros and cons of living together, especially if marriage is the desired outcome.

Not all cohabitation arrangements are equal, of course. Some cohabitating couples never intend to marry; fewer than half of cohabiting unions involve couples committed to marry or who are engaged.

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Keep in mind that cohabitations tend to fare best for couples already publically committed to each other or who are formally engaged to be married. Here are some questions that I would advise couples who are thinking about moving in together to consider:. Why live together rather than continue dating or get married? This seems a fair question. What do you expect to learn from cohabiting?

How will you divide housework and property, or decide who pays the bills? What core values do you share about raising children, family, religion, finances, work ethic, and general life philosophies? In short, cohabitation demands a thorough understanding of each other's values, including what cohabitation means to you and to your partner.