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However I play duos with two people one just started and we get for me really easy games. Where as my brother who has been playing as long as I when we play together the competition is much better!

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Deff enabled, my kd was over 3 first season andnow half way through season 3 it dropped tremendously either kids got a lot better or sbmm is enabled. People are getting better at the game too, its just luck too guys. I tested a theory. I didn't play for a week on both accounts.

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  • SBMM Skill Based Matchmaking enabled? Fortnite Already in the game? Testing??
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  • The most noobs I've seen since day one. I think epic has a hybrid sbmm algorithm. If you are good you get placed with like 10 other good players and no new players. New players get placed with mostly newer and lower skilled players. So it's more of a mix and not traditional sbmm.

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    After I won 4 in a row with 10 plus kills each game I started coming up against much better players right off the start. This continued until I didn't play for several days. Again I won like 3 in a row. It seems they base some sort of sbmm off your current games and stats. Also my 2nd new account was mostly bad players until I won like 4 in a row and I was instantly put against a much higher skill base. I can tell because right off the start players are much more aggressive. On the new account players off the start have no weapons and don't know how to build.

    If epic would just tell us something we wouldn't have to speculate but their silence I fear means they have already implemented some sort of hybrid sbmm skill based match making Ciggie Smalls 84 commented. I believe you are absolutely right!!!

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    I feel its based off your first few games then start getting placed with better players. My first few games I have so many new players who have no idea how to build, then games in i gradually start seeing the players out building me with every fight all games after that. So I turned off my xbox for 30 mins got back on, and of course I have no builders that I am just running through. I think there is def matchmaking and it is strictly based off of your previous game!!!

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    I come across more bad players on duos and squads and it doesn't seem any different. Solos is completely different. Again all epic has to do is respond to clear everything up.

    Destiny Trials Of Osiris Matchmaking Theory! Is Matchmaking In Trials Of Osiris Weighted?

    Wether or not you agree sbmm should be implemented - epic should be honest and tell us something. It's been long enough. This is the kind of thing that ends up ruining a game and trust. Just tell us something. Seems they don't want to hurt their revenue by revealing this Epic is making a huge mistake by being so dishonest and sneaky about this. It has been for about a month. I have significantly tested this theory and also i have made another weird discovery Whenever me and my friends tried playing on new low level accounts we noticed the server was laggy, guns wouldnt cycle properly building was glitchy and weird.

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