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The 1R Promise

Given the number of performance enhancing drug scandals, athletes who’ve died from fat burners, and failed drug tests due to products containing banned substances over the past decade, we saw it fit to explicitly make the following promise to all of our customers: If you buy a product from us you will never have to worry about that product jeopardizing either your health or NCAA eligibility.

Having promised as much, let’s discuss what products we do, and do not, carry. Every year the NCAA publishes a banned substances list that cites a variety of compounds that can harm athletes, or artificially improve their performance. Included on the list are various street drugs, steroids, and testosterone boosters / prohormones. Should an athlete test positive for anything on this list, the NCAA suspends him or her from competing. As most of these products also jeopardize the health and safety of athletes, it’s for the best that the NCAA regularly tests for these substances. Which is why, if a product contains a banned substance, we do not sell it.

In contrast to all of our competitors, we also promise to never sell more than 100 supplements, allowing us to know at all times what we’re selling, and whether it’s compliant or not. All of these products are approved by third party regulators, like the NSF or BCSG, to ensure trace amounts of banned substances aren’t in anything we sell. For this reason, we don’t sell products from non-regulated manufacturers and we’ll never sell a fat burner, despite them being a major revenue source for nearly all supplement retailers. Our goal is to be the safe alternative to all consumers in a retail space widely criticized for a lack of regulation.

We hope this provides some reassurance, but should you remain concerned, please email us with any questions pertaining to a specific product we sell. We will promptly answer.

Thanks again for being a part of 1R as your involvement means a great deal to us.


27 / 09 / 2017 1R