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Extreme Burn

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Submitted by 1Result on Sun, 03/05/2017 - 16:58
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1R's Take: Apparently QuickTrim will allow you to, “burn calories 300% times faster,” which is really just code word for lots of caffeine along with root and leaf extracts. So will this dangerous cleanse diet that worked for Kim, work for you? Probably not, unless you've got the plastic surgery lined up too, but who are we to prevent you from realizing the dream overnight? Go for it, as GNC's eager to sell it to you!

What They Want You to Believe:

What is Quick Trim Extreme Burn?

Quick Trim Extreme Burn is a weight loss supplement meant to help you to get all the results you apparently want with fat burning and other capabilities. They claim you can burn up to 8000 extra calories per month and burn calories “300% times faster.” You really can’t get both, so we’re curious to know which one they mean.

History of Quick Trim Extreme Burn

Quick Trim Extreme Burn has been promote specifically speaking by Khloe Kardashian, though Quick Trim products in general are promoted by both she and Kim Kardashian. It has been one of their most popular products, and it remains so today.


Quick Trim Extreme Burn has some of the right ingredients. It actually has some proven fat burners that could help you to lose more weight. Now if they didn’t use miniscule proprietary blends or amounts in general, it might actually have some potential. For example, for one ingredient that is quite popular, they use a proprietary blend with several other ingredients of about 200mg. That ingredient alone requires at least 400mg.