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Amino X

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Submitted by 1Result on Wed, 09/06/2017 - 12:29
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What if we told you there’s a preworkout supplement that tastes great, but actually performs even better?! Luckily for you, there really is one, thanks to BSN Amino X! Each easy mixing, great tasting, serving provides you 10 g of BCAAs that, when taken 20-30 min before workouts, can increase muscle endurance and protein synthesis, while giving you with the needed push to take your workouts, and results, to the where you want them to go.

Product Highlights/Benefits

  • Increases protein synthesis and recovery after workouts
  • Helps build lean muscle mass
  • Prevents muscle breakdown throughout the day
  • Improves energy levels and decreases muscular fatigue
  • Great taste!

Servings and Instructions

  • Take one serving before workouts
  • One scoop per serving
  • Available in Blue Raz, Fruit Punch, Green Apple, and Watermelon
  • 435 grams – 30 servings