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Alternating Renegade Rows – (M)

Alternating Renegade Rows – (M)

What You’ll Need
You’re not gonna be happy with us, as this exercise requires two kettlebells, which you may not have access to. Dumbbells work too, so no worries.

Why You Should Be Doing This Exercise
Your lats, core, shoulders, and arms are all holding hands, doing the rain dance. And you wouldn’t want to attend this celebration because?… Not to mention this thing is so gangster they slapped a "Renegade" label on it. Come on, why wouldn’t you do this? If we told you it was really one of the best core exercises you could do, would that persuade you? How about if renegade rows got the nod from Coach Demayo?

Assume the push-up position, but have kettlebells or dumbbells between your hands and the floor with your arms all the way extended. Let’s get your hands about shoulder width apart and you’re good to go. Look at you, all "renegaded" out.

This is the personification of pushing and pulling. While you pull one kettlebell/dumbbell up, you should be pushing the other into the ground. One goes up while the other one gets pushed into the ground. Use your core to stabilize so that your body is still in push-up position and essentially parallel to the ground and you’ll get the most out of this exercise.

So you pulled the weight up. Good. Keep it up there for a second. And when that weight returns to the ground, push it into the ground while you pull the opposite weight up. And when that weight gets pulled up? Keep it up for a second too. Cool.

Key Don’ts
Pulling the weight up and holding it up for a second won’t be easy. If it was, they would have called this the Alternating Librarian rows. And there’s nothing wrong with librarians. But they’re not renegades. So respect that this is tough, and do reps until you can’t do them in renegade fashion.

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