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Lose Weight By Cutting Juice

Lose Weight By Cutting Juice

Trying to lose weight? Start by giving up the morning juice and cubes of sugar in your juice boxes.

I’m generally not one to beg, but this is a serious pet peeve. Stop it with all the juice! Please, enough with the juice!

Friends, this might rock your world a little bit. A box of Apple Juice is NOT the equivalent of a piece of fruit. When juice is made, all the healthy fiber from the skin is removed which helps us digest more slowly and keep our blood sugar stable. Plus many of the flavanoids (i.e. the good stuff) disappear in the processing. FYI, adding the pulp back in after it was removed from a glass of OJ does not undo this.


What are you left with? Calories from SUGAR, and maybe some leftover nutrients. Whatever’s left, it’s nothing near as good for you as a piece of whole fruit.

Why doesn’t juice equal fruit? In addition to losing healthy fiber and flavanoids in processing, it takes a couple of oranges (at 60 calories each) to make a glass of juice. One cup = 8 oz. = a 4 second chug for most of us. Most little bottles/boxes have two or three servings! And those calories add up fast. As much as drink companies want us to believe we are doing something healthy by chugging a few glasses, check out the sugar content:

Plus many fruit juices you’re finding in the grocery store have added sweeteners and a minimal amount of real juice- like processed fruit "drinks" that resemble soda. So even if you’re going to ignore this rant, I will forgive you as long as you check out those labels. Look at both the ingredients, and number of servings per bottle, and make sure you’re at least getting fruit juice and not flavoring.

Fresh squeezed? Jamba Juice smoothie? Own your own juicer (impressive)? Sure, these are better choices if you…

A) Use the skins and/or pulp
B) Watch your serving size. Just because it’s homemade or fresh squeezed or costs you $5 doesn’t mean it wont get super high in calories really quickly.

Bottom line: Ideally, you would just enjoy a piece of real, whole, fruit instead, with a glass of water. But if you can’t live without your glass of OJ, try to make a few realistic improvements:

  • Only have one glass a day. 8 oz. MEASURE!
  • Have fresh squeezed juice
  • Try doing a glass of half water (or seltzer)/half juice
  • Ok, maybe even start with 3/4 juice, 1/4 water and wean yourself off of this juice addiction 

    The little tweaks are going to be the nutritional make-or-breakers in reaching your health and diet goals, guys and gals.

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