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Top 5 Shoulder Exercises

Top 5 Shoulder Exercises

Looking for some shoulder exercises that will help you develop a mean set of traps and delts? Get on the bus.

Alright fellas you blasted your biceps with the latest Five for Friday article and now you’re thinking, what’s next Shez? Tris? That’ll come next week, but for now, we’re gonna hit a few shoulder exercises that will help you develop a nice set of cannonball delts. Most dudes who want big guns will be hitting curls and pushdowns, and that’s all well and good, but neglecting the shoulders will leave you looking like you’re lacking sufficient meat up top.

If you’re looking to develop that ‘V" between your shoulders and your arms, then you’d better be mixing these bad boys in. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Just check out the delts on Thomas Jones below and tell me that you’re not at all interested.

Right, that’s what I thought. Now that we’re all on the same page let’s move into the shoulder exercises that are going to help get you there. Like last time I’d go with 4 sets of 10, 8, 8, and 6 in the following order:

Overhead Push Presses: Standing overhead strength is widely overlooked in many strength and conditioning programs. Not only are these gonna shred your delts but they’re also just gonna make you stronger overall, especially in your core (which is always a plus on the beach body circuit). Think about it, you’re essentially throwing weight up over your head forcing you to balance and not swing back and forth. Just as deadlifts and squats are great for overall mass and power, these are right there with ‘em as a powerhouse, compound, exercise.

Shrugs: I purposely mentioned these early on because if you’ve ever tried to shrug at the end of your workout you know you’re not getting the most out of this exercise. That’s why I always like to bang ‘em out early. Don’t be the guy who stacks 4 plates on each side and moves his arms up and down half an inch. Get a good range of motion and squeeze your traps at the top for a second. Do them right and they’ll be calling you Merriman in no time.

Arnold Presses: Why wouldn’t you get involved with an exercise named in tribute to the Terminator? This guy changed the game back in the day and came up with exercises that are still helping people build muscle and gain strength from New York to Cali. Try to keep strict form on this one and really feel the burn. Get a good rotation throughout the movement and be sure to touch the weights at the top and bottom of every rep.

Bus Drivers: Take ‘em to school in the gym on this one fellas. Yeah you’ll probably get some looks when you’re driving the bus with a 45 pound plate, but who cares. The looks will probably be from the guy who’s been doing seated military presses every week for the past 6 months while wondering why his shoulders won’t grow. Hold the plate straight in front of yourself and twist it back and forth, feeling the burn in your shoulders and forearms while you’re going through the movement.

Front Raises: A solid basic movement that should be incorporated in any shoulder workout. Try not to swing too much and bring the weight up to shoulder level on every rep. Know this goes without saying, but stay in control throughout and don’t let the weight swing down to your hip too quickly. As you’ll quickly learn, this is a great exercise to get those front delts bulging.

And there you have it, another installment of the Five for Friday series. I’m not gonna lie. I didn’t always like training shoulders because let’s face it, they’re not fun, and it’s hard to push big weight initially. But stick to the game plan, work hard, and it’ll pay dividends when you’re buying new collared shirts for that new neck of yours.

That said, when you’re training shoulders be smart about it. If you’re banged up, go easy on these isolation exercises because if you hurt yourself you’re gonna be feeling it on the bench and exercises like bicep curls as well. So train hard, train smart, and stretch that 1R tee when you’re getting your pump on in those traps and delts.

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