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How to Squat

How to Squat

A step-by-step breakdown of how to have perfect squat form from start to finish.

Of late, whether an athlete should squat or not squat has been a hot topic of debate. There are plenty of people out there telling you not to squat, and just as many saying you should squat. Admittedly I’m a big fan of squatting, so if you decide this exercise is one that will benefit you and help you reach your goals I’m here to demonstrate how to squat.

This series is going to be a useful tool in helping you in your squatting endeavors weather you’re a first timer or a savvy veteran. While we will go over a bunch of different exercises that will help you become a better squatter, but we need to start the trip with directions. Knowing that, do you want to take a stab at what the best way become a better squatter is? Hmm, don’t hurt yourself here kids. It’s to squat! Not only to squat, but to squat better.

In the first article of the series I’m going to break down the exercise from how to take the bar out of the power rack, how to set up, how to sit into your squat and how to stand up. We’re going to go step by step and talk about every detail of the exercise to get you ready to start moving weight.

Set Up
The video below will take you through how you should set up the power rack that you’re using to squat. This includes setting the safety pins, j-hooks and what I think about using mirrors. Oh, and I said power rack, not smith machine, Jimmy.

Bar placement and your upper back
It all starts here. You need to have an understanding how to set your back, where to put the bar on your back and what to do with your hands. This should end the whole, “but squatting hurts my neck” crap. Seriously stop with that crap before my head explodes.

Taking The Bar Out
Once you have the bar set on your back you need to take the bar out of the rack correctly and set yourself up properly away from the j-hooks. We’ll start with your foot placement, setting your back and core, and stepping out.

The Start and the Decent
Once you’ve set your feet we’re ready to start the squat. We’re going to get your positioning set and walk you through the whole body piece by piece to get you down to the bottom of the squat.

We’ve gotten depth, now we’re looking to stand back up. We’re going to talk about everything from your head to your toes and how they need to get you back up safely and strong. Just remember, separate your shoulders from your feet, drive with your hips, and STAY ON YOUR HEELS.

Racking the Bar
Once you’ve finished your set, this is how you get back into the rack. This is one of my big rules for the gym. No matter what, get the bar back in the rack!

Now you know, but as the real American hero has said, “knowing is half the battle.” So get this right and get strong. Oh and one more thing, squatting takes stones. You can’t get under the bar and act scared because you’ll get stapled. So leave the sissy pop music and cute cut off sleeves at home, and bring your anger and attack the bar. This isn’t a Jersey Shore poser lift, so don’t squat like a poser. Squat deep, stay tight and start moving weights when you have the technique down. Any other questions on squatting can be answered in the following clip, so get under the bar and start squatting.

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