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The Do’s and Don’ts of Sunday Funday

The Do’s and Don’ts of Sunday Funday

Whether watching the game on the couch or tailgating elsewhere, these tips will help you healthily throughout football season.

Listen, to be honest I don’t know too much about football. But I do know plenty about tailgating. And regardless of whether or not you’re concerned with your weight, a Sunday Funday binge session does not increase your odds of winning your fantasy football league. Your washboard abs will still appreciate some healthier decision making, right?

Lets start in the AM.

Beers and Eggs on tap? Hit up those EGGS! Eating breakfast will keep you satiated so you don’t binge through out the rest of the day. Breakfast will also keep you from getting way too intoxicated and making a fool of yourself. WIN-WIN all around!

It’s 11 am and it’s cocktail time. As always, skip the sodas and sugary juice mixers– Replace with diet soda/seltzer. Nix the regular beer and stick to light beer. Obviously I would be doing a disservice to your happiness if I requested that you give up bloody marys, so lets keep ’em to a minimum. And definitely munch on those celery sticks and other veggies!

Nosh time? If you’re the decision maker, heat up that grill for chicken or get skinless chicken wings, marinate and bake. Choose low-fat blue cheese dressing (instead of the other TERRIBLE condiment options!) and be sure to have a plate of crudités (Pronounced crew-dee-tay– Just a fancy way of saying veggies!) on hand. Trust, this will please both your frat dog friends and your girlfriend’s bests that you have got to impress.

Hummus is always a people pleaser- If you’re feelin’ crazy check out some different flavors like Roasted Red Pepper or Eggplant. Use carrots and celery, pita chips, pretzels, etc. Oust the potato chips and fill bowls with another crowd fave: HOMEMADE POPCORN! (Chill with the butter, though, peeps!)

Into pizza? Sometimes you just have to have dominos, for real, us future nutritionista/istos get it. Pizza is not the enemy if you do it right! Go easy on the added sausage and pepperoni and other high fat processed meats. Even if you’re going to ignore me on the meats, always add fresh veggies. Mushrooms, spinach, onions. And whenever possible, think thin crust. Two other ideas? Easy on the cheese (yeah, you can request that!) and whole wheat crust – lots of places are offering both options these days.

Heading downstairs to the pub/bar? Go ahead, get your burger. Just skip the cheese & bacon, and in their place add extra tomato, lettuce and onion. Another idea? Exchange the fried food sides for a salad and we’ll call it a compromise.

Ok, so you went in with a bunch of buddies and actually got tickets to the big game. Back to our first tip: Eat Breakfast! You don’t want to make a fool of yourself on the JumboTron; trust me, these things only end in embarrasment.

And, before you run for those faux-cheese nachos (1500 calories) or Zeppoles (2050 calories) go for a slice of cheese pizza (@ 300 calories) or -I cannot believe I am about to say this!- a regular-size hot dog (@ 300 calories).

Bottom Line: You’re watching football; Unfortunately this means you don’t get to eat the same amount of calories as if you’re playing. Swear that it wont take the fun out of Sunday Funday to make a few little tweeks, Spring break will be thanking you!

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