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Why We Don’t Sell : Jack3d or NO-Xplode

Why We Don’t Sell : Jack3d or NO-Xplode

Why we don’t sell Jack3d or NO-Xplode.

Everyday we received a fair number of questions about why we don’t carry either Jack3D (commonly referred to in your emails as Jacked 3D or Jacked3 or even 3D Jacked) and NO-Xplode. And while you can always find a more succinct explanation in the Not 1R Approved section it makes sense to answer questions on both of them here.

Let’s start with the NCAA eligibility issue. While caffeine is on the NCAA banned substance list we’re the first ones to acknowledge that it takes a ton of caffeine to really jeopardize your eligibility. That said, on the off chance that someone bought a tub from us and attempted to take down half of it before a drug test, we’d never want to be responsible for selling the product that got them banned. Just not what we’re about. Granted, it’s unlikely. But it’s a concern nonetheless.

The real issues we have with both are the following:

  1. The fact that all of our taste testers (current NCAA athletes) experienced jitters while taking the supplements
  2. Studies show that caffeine may actually cancel out the effectiveness of creatine
  3. Other studies have shown both products can be addictive if not used properly
  4. Better "pumps" won’t make you a better athlete
  5. The fact that ingredients like Methylhexaneamine have caused countless athletes to fail NCAA and professional drug tests

We know that different people react differently to what goes into their bodies. While one person’s level of alertness with one cup of coffee will be different from another’s, most people don’t get jittery. After taking either supplement, some of our taste testers said their hearts wouldn’t stop racing, while others reported nausea and dry mouth. These side effects, along with others, just didn’t seem right to us. Our taste testers drink coffee and are accustomed to caffeine. That would suggested both Jack3d and NO-Xplode aren’t just a cup of coffee but that other ingredients like Methylhexaneamine aren’t as safe as these companies make them out to be. 

Secondly, studies show that caffeine actually negates creatine’s muscle building effects. What does that mean to you? Well, essentially you’re paying a relatively steep price for a shot of caffeine. Now there are also effective compounds like beta alanine in both products but paying a premium for ingredients that aren’t being used just seems off. Here’s a link to a summary of the study along with references.

Additionally, and probably most concerning to us is the fact that these supplements can be addictive when taken improperly. Would we like for you to buy a product from us and keep coming back for more? Of course, but frankly you probably have enough energy as is, and really don’t need a supplement that’s going make you feel like killing someone every time you get in the gym.

Finally, there’s this huge craze in the supplement industry for Nitric Oxide. So what does it actually do? Well, the claim is NO increases the size of your blood vessels, allowing for more oxygen and nutrients to get to your muscle tissue. What does that mean though? Essentially, your muscles may look bigger and you may have bigger veins, but the chances of getting stronger because of these effects is truly debatable. Will having bigger veins allow you to get better jumps to second, pin a ball against the backboard, or increase your reps at 225? No, no, and no.

Again if you’re looking for non-addictive pre-workout supplements that work and won’t jeopardize your health while working, you may want to look into regular old micronized creatine, beta-alanine, Fast Twitch, or even AmiNO Energy.

We’re sorry for not carrying these products, but hope you understand where we’re coming from. At the end of the day, your safety and eligibility is actually more important than us than a little bit of revenue.

01 / 06 / 2017 1R