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The 1R Fall Workout of the Month

The 1R Fall Workout of the Month

Progress stalled? This month’s 1R training program will solve that.

There are tons of great articles out there to help direct your training, there’s ample advice on exercises, rep and set progressions, and rest periods. But we often get to the end of these articles and are left to wonder how exactly to structure our training. For while learning more about training is important, the problem with reading more and more information is you can suffer from “paralysis by analysis.” We simply don’t get anywhere.

A lot of really good athletes I know don’t worry about messing with their training. They just pick a program and get on with it. I’d like to think the following program will enable you to do the same. Benefits you’ll reap from sticking to this program include:

  1. Perfect the basic human movements
  2. Improve mobility so you’re moving as efficiently as possible.
  3. Get stronger
  4. Build lean muscle mass

Not a bad list, huh? The keys? Sticking to the program, trusting it, and not deviating from the game plan. Do that and you’ll have a great platform on which to push your training forward.

A note on my programming – it may look simple and it may not have many exercises, but every one is included for a reason. With my programs I strive for functional density, which means there isn’t any fluff. With every program you should look for the most effective and efficient way to train, especially if you’re an athlete, as you should be spending most of your time out on the field actually practicing your sport.

Of course, once you’ve completed the programmed exercises, feel free to work on extras and do additional exercises.

The program is split into 4 days in the gym, but it’s really more like 3 and a half. I find with 4 sessions a week, the fourth one always ends up being not quite up to the same intensity as the previous three, so instead of pushing it on the fourth day, I use it as a session to prepare for the coming week, while still getting some quality work in.

This template also gives you a bit of freedom to move the days around. I’ve laid out the week how I think it’ll work best, but if you need to take an extra days rest or squeeze a session in a day earlier it’s not a problem.

Warm up
Take 15 minutes each session to perform some soft tissue work and series of mobility exercises. Don’t be tempted to skip this part of your session – it’s important.

Training sessions (see layout below)

Monday – weight training
Tuesday – weight training
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – weight training
Friday – hill sprints
Saturday – weight training
Sunday – rest

One day a week perform hill sprints. Don’t worry about when – just get them done.

On off days
On days you’re not training in the gym perform 10 minutes of soft tissue work with a foam roller, and go for a brisk 20-minute walk.

Everything Else
Eat smart and get plenty of rest. Keep a training log and track your progress. Most of all don’t be tempted to switch programs. Stick with it for a month and you’ll be rewarded with a good foundation from which to progress from.

05 / 10 / 2017 1R