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Speed Training Phase 1: The Foundation

Speed Training Phase 1: The Foundation

If speed kills, these exercises and this workout program will to help you commit the crime.

Coaches say speed kills, and in the forthcoming series I’ll give you the weapons to commit murder. Now, chill out everyone, I’m not passing out guns or blunt objects (I’ll keep those). Nothing I’m writing about will allow you to shank anyone in prison. But these tools will help you become faster, and, as we all know, speed kills.

Just like the vertical jump program, this is the EXACT PROGRESSION I use with my guys. Keep in mind this program is done in conjunction with the vertical program. But, while the lifting is the same, we’ll add one or two lifting and/or stretching exercises to help improve movement in the sport.

As is the case with the vertical program, remember this: effort must be maximal. If it’s not balls to the wall, you won’t get any carry over.
In Phase 1 we’re going to establish the base. I’m looking for you to learn the techniques, and how to “push” yourself.

Paused Single Effort Long Jumps
Get in an athletic position, and hold it for a solid 2 count. Now jump out as far as possible, extending out completely (ankles, knees and hips), pushing your pelvis forward. That’s the key here. You need to learn to move your pelvis forward. You’ll do two sets of 8

Paused Single Effort Bounds
Similar to the long jumps, only now you’ll set up on one leg. Find the same athletic position on just your right leg, hold it for a two count before violently extending your right leg (ankle, knee and hip) and driving forward to your other leg. Pushing your pelvis forward (just like the long jump) is, once again, the key. Two sets of eight bounds on each leg will do the trick.

Paused Single Effort Lateral Bounds
This is done exactly like Single Effort Bounds, but the direction is left to right. Now we’re trying to push our pelvis laterally. Just as above, two sets of 8 are what you need.

I need to put in a side note for the 1st 3 jumping exercises. People are going to go nuts about landing mechanics and deceleration; let me say that’s all great, but here’s the issue. When you overcomplicate things, you miss the main goal. The main goal here is to displace your pelvis, which is your center of mass. If you worry too much about landing soft and in a proper position, you’re not concentrating on what we’re doing. With that being said, if you can land soft and “stick” the landing, great. If not, I won’t freak out. If you learn to push forward and get your pelvis moving how you should, then worry about the landing, but do it IN THAT ORDER!

Paused Star and Stick
Some people refer to these as clock hops and bounds, but the easiest way to explain is by simply showing you. For the hops (using 1 leg) you’ll go “all the way around”, and for the bounds (right to left or left to right) you’ll go “half way around the clock”. Two sequences of each get the job done.

Additionally, in Phase 1, we’ll add some stretches to the warm up. These two stretches are the front lunge and the side lunge stretch.

Front Lunge Stretch
Take a big step out with your right leg, keeping your left leg planted. Now hop forward a little more. From here, extend your left leg by pushing your foot into the ground (more so your toes) and pushing your pelvis forward. Your left knee needs to be extended (that means STRAIGHT). Square your pelvis and bring a tissue, for this will be the biggest quad/hip flexor stretch of your life, and probably the most pertinent to how you run. Work to make the stretch bigger to help open up your stride length. Hold this for a good 10 to 20 seconds on each side throughout the warm up, and hit it at least two times. We add it in during the workout for guys who are “tight”, so don’t worry about throwing it in again during the lift.

Side Lunge Stretch
Similar to the stretch above, except sideways. Step out with your right foot for a good sized side lunge. Once out there, take a hop step out further and rotate your right foot out at 45 degrees. From here extend your back leg by pushing off the “inside edge” of your shoe, and push your pelvis towards your right leg. Again, this is an eye crosser, but it’s great to prepare you to move laterally, cut, slide defensively, and whatever other movement your sport requires. Do 2 sets of 10-20 seconds, and if you’re bound up, add 1 or 2 in during the lift.

Told you Phase 1 placed an emphasis on laying the foundation. Get in the gym, get after it, get good at it, and get yourself prepared for the rest of the program. Rest assured you’re laying the foundation down to become a better athlete and a better player in your sport of choice, so focus up, and let’s make it happen.

If getting faster is what you’re most interested in, 1R would recommend taking the following supplements as a part of this speed program:

  1. Optimum Nutrition Threshold Beta-Alanine – Will help increase your workout capacity which will improve performance and strength during high intensity training
  2. BSN Amino X – This preworkout supplement will increase muscle endurance and protein synthesis, while giving you with the needed push to take your workouts, and results, to the next level
  3. Cytosport Creatine – By increasing your body’s ATP production creatine will help you become more explosive, more powerful, and more athletic when taken before or after workouts

18 / 11 / 2017 1R