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Healthy and Unhealthy Options At McDonalds

Healthy and Unhealthy Options At McDonalds

Is it possible to contain calories and eat healthy at McDonalds’s?! How to avoid fast food self-sabotage.

Did you know that 46 million people eat at McDonald’s each day?! That’s more than the entire population of Spain. Talk about a global phenomenon.

Whether for reasons of enjoyment or out of necessity, we inevitably end up at this fast food joint once in a blue moon. While McDonald’s may not be our cuisine of choice, there are ways to choose a relatively healthy meal that doesn’t sabotage our workout regimens or ruin our diets with a calorie bomb. Just because Ronald McDonald sports a potbelly underneath those overalls doesn’t mean you have to!

With a little insight into the dos and don’ts of ordering at McDonald’s, you will be equipped to handle anything that scary redheaded clown throws your way.

So without further ado, my top picks for a healthy McDonald’s experience:

1. Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap (Honey Mustard, Ranch, or Chipotle BBQ):

Calories: 260
Fat (g): 9
Sodium (mg): 830
Protein (g): 18

Key word: GRILLED! These wraps’ crispy counterparts have twice the fat and 2/3 the protein content. As a general rule of thumb, grilled = good. crispy = not so good. Is it really worth it to double your fat intake for a little extra crunch? If you’re really craving that crispy bite, try packing on some extra veggies instead.

2. Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich:

Calories: 420
Fat (g): 10
Sodium (mg): 1190
Protein (g): 32

Not too psyched about the sodium content here, but all in all, not bad. Though not everyone suffers sodium sensitivity, it’s best to try to keep your numbers below 2,500 mg/day. Translation: 1 teaspoon of table salt. High-sodium diets have been associated with hypertension, heart disease… you catch my drift. (If you’re training and ultra-hydrated, you may need to increase sodium to maintain electrolyte balance).

3. Premium Salad with Grilled Chicken (Southwest or Bacon Ranch):

Calories: 260-320
Fat (g): 9
Sodium (mg): 960-1010
Protein (g): 30-33

WARNING: these stats are salad sans dressing – pick the wrong salad and you might as well have ordered yourself a Mega Mac. Our friend the silent assassin is back again, and telling you to ALWAYS choose low-fat dressings on the side. If you can’t live without your creamy condiments, use half the package. McDonald’s full-fat dressings actually have as many calories and more grams of fat than the salads themselves.

4. Quarter Pounder:

Calories: 410
Fat (g): 19
Sodium (mg): 730
Protein (g): 24

I didn’t want you to think that healthy always had to mean grilled chicken and salad, so think of this guy as here by default (after all, McDonald’s is a burger joint).

But before you go thinking it’s perfectly healthy to down quarter pounders after every big game, be forewarned. There is a reason you don’t see any other red meat on this list, and it pretty much comes down to saturated fat. Health-wise, it’s associated with increasing your LDL (bad) and lowering your HDL (good) cholesterol. It also increases your risk for certain cancers and cardiovascular disease. So while it’s okay to opt for a burger once in a while, you should try to harness your fatty meat intake to once per week.

And since you’re already indulging your saturated fat craving for the day… hold the cheese please! And skip the fench fries.

The Good News: What we love about these entrees is that they allow room for sides, letting you pack in some extra nutrients and leaving you satiated.

Try one of these for a guilt-free total package:

Fruit n’ Yogurt Parfait (with or without granola)
150 Calories, 2g of fat
Apple Dippers with Low-fat Caramel Dip
105 Calories, .5g of fat
Side Salad with Low-fat Dressing
80 Calories 3g fat
Snack Size Fruit and Walnut Salad
210 Calories, 8g of fat

At this point, I’m sure you’re wondering, what is the worst thing I could possibly order at Mickey D’s?? Well maybe not. But here it is:

Big Breakfast with Hotcakes

Calories: 1150
Fat: 60
Sodium: 2260
Protein: 36

Hmmm… heart attack on a styrofoam platter. And before lunch, at that. So if you forget everything we’ve talked about, at least you know to avoid this horrible breakfast "treat" like the plague!!!

Happy ordering!

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