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5 TRX Moves for Greater Strength

5 TRX Moves for Greater Strength

Incorporate the TRX suspension trainer into your workout program to buid and see your results soar!

The TRX unit is a staple in my training. From UFC Champion to stay-at-home-mom, I incorporate the TRX into every workout program I develop. Traditionally, the TRX is secured from an anchor point that is 7’-9’ feet high, but a few months back, I began playing around with different anchoring heights to see what additional movements and challenges I could create to build muscle fast. When I fastened the unit to a low point, roughly 6” inches from the floor, a number of new exercises came to be. Here are five of my favorites I use to change things up and challenge my clients and athletes in new and innovative ways to help improve their endurance, explosiveness, and strength.

1. TRX Supine Posterior Chain Y Raise
At first glance, people may mistake this movement for an abdominal exercise. But in actuality, I cue this exercise as a pulling movement, therefore activating the backside of the body, especially the posterior shoulder muscles. When trying this, be sure maintain a neutral spine throughout the movement with no lumbar flexion. That means working to constantly applying pressure into the cradles to ensure backside activation, and a tall, neutral spine.

2. TRX Dragonflag
Made popular by Bruce Lee, this abdominal exercise requires a lot of core strength and stability. When at the “top” of the movement, make sure you’re supporting your weight with your upper back and not your neck. You also want to apply constant pressure into the handles to help stabilize the body. Upon lowering the legs, use a slow, controlled movement, trying to maintain a neutral spine and not arch the back. Needless to say, this one is tough but can give you that six pack you’re looking for.

3. TRX Single Leg Hip Extensions
For the single leg hip extension movement, begin supine with your head near the anchor point, one handle held with both hands, and the opposite strap around one heel. Initiate the movement by pushing your heel into the strap and extending at the hip. As you lift up onto your back, stabilize your body by bracing your torso and using your hands with the off-handle. Slowly lower back down to the floor without arching your back.

4. TRX Split Squat Variations
Using the low anchor position while performing split squat variations allows the handles to aid with balance and helps maintain an upright posture throughout the movement. Facing the anchor point, get into a “lunge” or split squat position and lower down for the desired number of reps. To progress, try lifting your back leg to really engage the front leg quad muscle group and challenge your balance even more.

5. TRX Pistol to Single Leg Deadlift
Start with a similar setup to the split squat position. This compound movement combines a single leg squat and single leg deadlift. When performing the single leg squat (pistol), try to keep your weight on the heel and mid-foot and off the toes while maintaining an upright posture. After each pistol rep hinge from your hip, maintain pressure into the handles, extend your “up” heel towards the wall behind you, and lower down into a deadlift or “balance reach” position with a neutral spine throughout the exercise.

All five of these TRX movements will test your strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. They won’t be easy, but they’ll help push you to the next level when added to your current training routine. Give them a shot and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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07 / 10 / 2017 1R