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Tips On Maintaining New Year’s Resolution

Keeping your diet in check and following through on your resolutions is as simple as following these steps. In an effort to keep my 2013 New Year’s resolutions, and hopefully help you keep yours, I decided to not only write them down this year, but to share them as well. Nobody’s perfect, and maybe you didn't exactly have the healthiest of holiday seasons, but follow these steps and you will be a lot more successful in achieving whatever nutrition (losing weight or gaining it) or training goal it is you’ve set for yourself. Don’t be another statistic and sign up for another gym membership ...

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Top Snacks For Max Performance!

A healthy diet is sustained by these healthy snacks.

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Nutritional Tips For A Healthier Holiday Season

Five healthy nutrition tips to prevent the diet wheels from coming off this holiday season. The holiday season is a time for family, a time for joy, and for many, a time for indulgence. But if the thought of treats, parties, alcohol, and other delicious (read fattening) Thanksgiving and holiday temptations has got you worried, then think of this article as your prevention plan! By following some of the tips and suggestions below you can enjoy all the delights the holiday season has to offer, without completely dropping your diet plan and training routine. So let’s get right to it, shall we...

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The Difference Between Saturated Fat, Unsaturated Fat, and Trans Fat

Learn what Saturated Fats, Unsaturated Fats, and Trans Fats are, along with which fats are actually healthy for you. Are you a fat-o-phobe?? Lots of people are - and understandably so – with food labels screaming “low-fat” at you, food manufacturers don't make understanding labels easy. So here’s the deal: Fat has more calories by weight than do protein or carbs (9cals per gram vs 4cals per gram). The thing is, you probably eat a lot less of it. Fats are responsible for making food have flavor and texture. They are not typically the basis of meals, as protein (meat, poultry, fish and d...

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Nov 2017

DIY Sports Drinks

Scared of “caramel coloring”? Looking to save a few bucks? Here’s how to a make cheap, easy sport drink at home! The benefits of homemade foods and beverages are fairly self-evident: they taste better, they’re easier on the wallet, and they don’t require a scientist to decipher their processed nutrition facts. Not to mention, your food dollars are supporting producers of fresh, natural ingredients versus a multi-billion dollar food manufacturer that makes the majority of its products from corn (okay, maybe that doesn’t bother you, but it should!). The sport drink though can be trickier...

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Top Foods for Athletes

These healthy power foods will push your diet, body composition, and athletic performance to the next level.

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Top Five Worst Thanksgiving Foods

A list of five terribly unhealthy foods to go easy on this Thanksgiving.

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The 10 Worst Foods You Ate As a Kid

Childhood favorites that are, simply put, bad for you. Below is a list of the worst foods you ate as a kid.

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The Dangers of Energy Drinks and Alcohol

Why you may want to skip energy drinks and alcohol mixes like Red Bull and Vodka this weekend. You’ve had a long week, so come Friday (or Tuesday, whatever, some weeks are especially difficult) it’s time to get out and head to the dive bar, club, lounge, or maybe even kick it old-school at a house party. While mixing your alcohol with an energy drink might seem like the perfect replacement for some sleep to snap out of your work/school funk, there are several reasons why doing so is more than just unhealthy; it’s potentially deadly. Check out the caffeine content of energy drinks, coffee ...

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The Unhealthy Facts About Fried Foods

Why deep fried anything has no business in your healthy, 1R-Approved, diet. On the not-really-hit-show but personal fave, Food Revolution, my future hubby Jamie Oliver recently looked on as a family ceremoniously buried their deep fryer for a healthier lifestyle. Everyone considers fried foods unhealthy – but what’s so wrong with indulging in some good ol’ Mcdonald's french fries, or a plate of frickles (fried pickles) from the ever-classy Brother Jimmy’s? First, we have the calories. When something is deep fried in oil, it doubles or triples the caloric density. If you submerge any food...

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