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How to Burn Fat and Get Cut

Looking to burn fat? Take a systematic and direct approach to weight loss with these five get cut tips.

12 / 07 / 2017 1R

“Walk” Your Way to Better Abs

Want a rock solid mid-section? Get walking with these core exercises…

11 / 07 / 2017 1R

Top 5 Push-up Variations

Think push-ups are too easy and won’t improve your athletic performance? Think again.

10 / 07 / 2017 1R
Protein Supplements for Female Athletes

While they won't make you look like a man, protein supplements will help you get stronger while losing body fat. Many men, especially athletes, are looking to put on some size and gain strength. Therefore, they have no problem taking protein, pounding the calories, and pushing some seriously heavy weight around. Women on the other hand are different. Many don’t want to get "jacked" or feel like getting too big can actually compromise their performance (soccer players, cross country runners, synchronized swimmers come to mind). Consequently, some fear protein and lifting heavy weights and i...

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Jul 2017

The Paleo Diet Revised

While the Paleo Diet has some sound principals, this list will help you get the results you’re looking for, without the prehistoric guidelines. If you’ve ever seen the flick Encino Man (back when Brendan Frasier was a semi-babe) or caught a Geico commercial, you know why you don’t want to act like a caveman. Hairy and dumb is NOT a good combo. And, if you read my last piece on the Paleo Diet, you know why you don’t really want to eat like a caveman either (Hint: they went extinct). The Paleo Diet is another fad diet allegedly based on what our ancestors ate. Um, not so fast: scientists ...

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Fast Fat Loss With the Tabata Method

Four minutes of hell is all you need to lose weight, really quickly.

08 / 07 / 2017 1R

Top 5 Triceps Exercises

Biceps and triceps go together like spaghetti without meatballs. Use these five triceps exercises to build muscle on the other side of your arms.

08 / 07 / 2017 1R

What is Casein?

What’s micellar casein and why the heck you should be taking it?

06 / 07 / 2017 1R

Ballistic Training with Medicine Balls

Increasing your power and athletic performance starts with these medicine ball exercises.

05 / 07 / 2017 1R
Fat Loss Planning, Pt. 2:  Macronutrients & Dieting Strategies

Using metabolic and psychological factors to increase your fat loss. In Fat Loss Planning, Part 1 we discussed how calorie restriction is the foundation of any solid weight loss program. However, if you’ve dieted before, you probably know your body responds to calorie restriction by setting-up weight-loss roadblocks. So, to keep the fat loss rolling, here are some ways to bypass those barriers. The Supporting Cast: Macronutrients and Going Off-Diet Macronutrients Macronutrients are the energy-providing nutrients that make up most of what we eat and are classified as proteins, carbohy...

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5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Find out how small changes in your diet can help you lose weight. If you want my honest opinion (which you do, of course) - dieting is terrifying. Eliminating carbohydrates... forever? Buying Not 1R Approved weight loss products endorsed by Jillian Michaels and Kim Kardashian? Going on a lemonade or straight protein shake diet for a few weeks? There is a reason why most fad diets end in weight regain, and it’s because they are unnatural and unsustainable.       You shouldn’t have to turn your world upside down to lose weight and keep it off. Instead, focus on making one small change and ...

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The Working Mans Bodyweight Workout

A template to eating better, training better, and looking better… while at the desk.

03 / 07 / 2017 1R

Core Exercises for Athletic Performance

Stop doing sit-ups, start doing these core exercises that will actually improve your athletic perfomance.

02 / 07 / 2017 1R


Jul 2017

The Push-Up Program

Regardless of whether you can do just one push-up or a 100 push ups, this article's got you covered. We’ve gone over how to perform the push-up properly, so now we need to talk about how to incorporate the push-up exercise into your training program. First let me start by saying this, if you cannot do over 10 legitimate push-ups you have no reason to lie down on a bench and try pressing, let alone variations of push-ups. Do me a favor and check your ego at the door and learn how to do this right before you bench press. The situations we will go over are as follows: 1) you can’t perform ...

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5 Advanced Lifting Techniques

At some point straight sets aren’t going to cut it. To break through a plateau, or to just change things up a bit, mix these five techniques into your workout program. When you’ve just gotten into the iron game, you’ve got the training age of a five year old. You can seemingly do anything in the weight room and, as long as you pay a little attention to your diet, you see great strength gains. But there inevitably comes a point, for some it happens two years in, for some a little later, when the trusty 5x5 or 8x3 in your periodized plan simply doesn’t cut it. If you find yourself stagnan...

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Squat Form and Flexibility

If you found that you have some limitations in your squat assessment from Part 1, check out this article to improve your flexibility before your squat.

29 / 06 / 2017 1R


Jun 2017

The Dangers of Diet Soda

Just how bad is diet soda for you? Find out below. Ok, there are very few things I have zero tolerance for. I am a pretty understanding girl, if I do say so myself. But my number one pet peeve? Regular soda. Call it pop, call it soda pop, call it a diet drink, call it cola, but it doesn't matter. Seriously, check this out, it’s bananas: Yeah, regular soda and energy drinks infuriate me, but before you go stocking up on the diet stuff, beware!! There are some seriously freaky chemicals making up your fave drink. So what is in diet soda (or diet pop)? Here are the ingredients in a diet...

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The Top 5 Unhealthy “Health Foods”

The five foods most people think are healthy, but may actually kill your healthy diet and your beloved six-pack. Let’s talk commonly believed misconceptions, aka lies your parents told you: "Einstein got bad grades in school." No, he didn’t. Yeah he got 4’s…. on German scales of 1-4. "Napolean was short." He was 5’7”, the average height for a Frenchman back in the day. "Mice like cheese." Mice actually hate cheese and some are lactose intolerant. Sadly, not everything (or anything) you watched on Tom and Jerry was factual. With your mind blown by these revelations, let’s move to a ...

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Jun 2017

MMA And Healthy Shoulders

Stay strong and injury free with this simple, effective, circuit. Whether a young athlete, business executive, or pro MMA fighter, injury prevention is always included in my goal-setting discussions with clients. It was frankly paramount during the filming of ‘The Ultimate Fighter Live,’ as we never knew which athlete would be fighting the next week, and thus had to do our best to keep them all in top, physical shape at all times. To help with this, I incorporated the Functional Movement Screen. Along with Dr. Jenn Reiner, a certified FMS & SFMA practitioner, we took the members of Team...

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Dispelling Myths about Creatine Supplements

Finally the truth about the most talked about supplement of them all, creatine. It’s mid-August and you’re desperate to get off the bench and onto the field. Based on a recommendation from one of your team’s former standouts, you start taking creatine. And a few weeks later you notice it’s working. You feel stronger, faster and better than ever. You start out playing your teammates, vying for a starting position and winning accolades from your coach, who's absolutely amazed by your progress. And then one hot muggy day you suddenly fall to the ground, grab your calf and whale in pain. Your...

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