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Long Hill Run vs. HIIT

Submitted by DDR on Wed, 08/09/2017 - 15:56


In an attempt to look like Rob without lifting a single weight, I have taken to running. Because I live in Pittsburgh (where the winter months are less than desirable), and because it is a round number, I figured that a 30-minute hill interval on the treadmill three-to-four times a week was a good place to start. While I was only able to get to 3.3 miles in February, I worked my way up to 3.8 miles by May.

I took to the streets once it got warmer outside, and have regularly been completing a 4-mile loop that also has a bunch of hills (steeper, but for not as great a distance). Things have been going well and I have been completing that loop in the 29-minute range. That's when I read the HIIT article.

Because I Read The Articles™, I decided to switch things up and give the advanced HIIT program a try. I used Google Maps to guestimate 110 yards - although I might be a few yards off. After a few runs, I found that the following combination gave me the best run for my money:

- 23 seconds down/32 seconds back (10 times)

- 2 minute break

- 23 seconds down/37 seconds back
- 22 seconds down/38 seconds back
- 21 seconds down/39 seconds back
- 20 seconds down/40 seconds back
- 19 seconds down/41 seconds back
- 18 seconds down/42 seconds back
- 17 seconds down/43 seconds back
- 16 seconds down/44 seconds back
- 15 seconds down/45 seconds back
- 14 seconds down/46 seconds back
- as fast as humanly possible down (which isn't that fast at this point)/walk back

Here's the question: which run (the 4-mile loop or the HIIT) is better if I want to keep off the mound of Thai food that I ate last night? I know HIIT is better than slow, long-distance runs, but 7:30 splits on a 4-mile run isn't exactly an ass-dragging pace. It might be completely psychological, but I just don't feel like I'm getting as good a workout with the HIIT. Am I going crazy? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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