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    It’s probably a combination of genetics, nutrition, and the way your body responds to the workouts you’re doing. The fact is that some people have an easier time putting on muscle than others but there are usually a few easy fixes for every body type.

    Without knowing the details about your body type (really skinny with a fast metabolism, in the middle with a decent metabolism, or on the heavier side with a slower metabolism) it be hard for me to help out and give you some suggestions, but it sounds like you’re probably not taking care of your post workout nutrition, and you’re not getting enough volume to make your biceps grow.

    If you answer the questions below it’ll be much easier to come up with a plan to help you increase the size of your biceps:

    1. What workout plan are you doing?
    2. What body type do you have?
    3. What supplements are you taking after you workout?
    4. What does your post lift meal look like?
    5. Are you doing any other bicep work aside from your workout plans?

    Let me know buddy and hopefully I’ll be able to help out.



    1. i am doing the “Men’s look better 5 day isolation plan”
    2. i am a mesomorph.
    3. the only supplement i take is Gold Standard Whey protein isolates. I take that after my work out.
    4.i dont really have a post work out meal its usually just my protein shake.
    5. i am doing no other bicep work outside of this work out. but i am a sprinter for my school track team.




    Thanks for answering those questions buddy. I think that getting bigger biceps and more overall muscle definition will be a function of two things:

    1. Taking better care of your nutrition, especially post lift
    2. Doing more isolated bicep work

    On the nutrition side, two things stand out. First, after a tough workout your body actually needs carbs to help build lean muscle mass. These carbs shuttle protein and amino acids to your muscle tissue and help you get stronger and recover faster. So even though Gold Standard Whey is a great product it doesn’t have the carbs you need post workout. Most studies show that a 2:1 carb to protein ratio is ideal for post workout recovery so you might want to pick up a carb mix like Glycomaize to mix into your shake, or look into a post lift shake like 211 Recovery. This is what I go with:

    Additionally after you get your post lift shake in you should try to eat a pretty big meal a half hour to an hour after you take in your shake. Again the calories you consume in the 2 hours after you workout will all be used to rebuild muscle tissue so don’t hold back buddy. Just try to keep that 2:1 carb to protein ratio in order.

    Lastly, you might want to mix in another day of isolated biceps work on this plan. If I were you I’d switch the Thursday and Friday workout so that you’re doing back on Fridays and arms on Thursdays. Then I’d take Saturday off and do biceps or even arms again on Sunday.

    You could definitely do the arms workout again or you could work something like this in on Sundays:

    Preacher curls: 5 sets until failure

    Hammer pause curls (regular hammer curl, pausing at a right angle for a second before lowering the weight): 5 x 10

    Reverse preacher curls: 3 sets until failure

    Cable curls: 3 x 12

    Hope the above helps buddy but let me know if you have any questions.



    thanks man =)



    @fightcatabolism. Good suggestion on the recovery supplement. Definitely need more carbs than protein right after the lift.
    @davidlore10 I would suggest like I have numerous times to others. To consider thinking of your biceps in other lifts. Your biceps will grow as you add mass in other areas. I am partial to powerlifting/strongman exercises because they are amazing for getting big. One thing that might help you outside of that is make sure your biceps are getting plenty of work on your back day. Just about anything with an underhand grip.



    i have been working out for 1 and 1/2 years and my biceps havent grown very much but my pecs came right out. but i have a friend who has only been working out for 7 months and his arms are so much bigger than mine. so much bigger. not only that but he is more ripped and overall muscular than i am..why is that? am i doing something wrong..i get all my workouts from this site and i do them to the best of my ability..i mean my diet isn’t all their but i feel like its maybe genetics.


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