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Best Butt Exercises For Athletes

The Athlete's Most Important Muscle

When working out, many people focus on training the obvious muscle groups such as abs, chest, and “curls for the girls,” but what is the athlete's most important muscle? While these all play important roles, they are by far not the only ones needed for optimal athletic performance.  

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Top Back to School Workout Tips

Holiday's are over. School’s back. Maybe you stayed in great shape these past few weeks. Maybe you fell off the wagon. Either way, these workout tips will help you build muscle, lose fat, and help you get to where you wanna be.

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Effective Exercises to Improve Your First Step

So you weren't born quick. Here are exercises and workouts to help you become faster, quicker, and more explosive.

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A Different Approach To Fitness Goals

Getting into better shape starts with looking at how the opposite sex trains.

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Nov 2017

Speed Strength Training

A few strength training tips that will improve your speed and explosiveness. From my last two articles, it should be obvious that there is a great deal of technical work that must be addressed in order to become a faster athlete. However if you really want to get faster and improve your power you’ll have to train hard, train smart, and use the right techniques inside the weight room and on the field. What does it take? Well here’s a glimpse at what we do with the football team at The University of Akron. Simply put if you’re looking to improve your speed you’ll need to incorporate some ...

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Training Starts With Adequate Sleep

Getting better as an athlete starts with getting enough sleep. In the 10 years I’ve been involved in college athletics; it’s been great to see how smart strength coaches and athletes are getting and how methodical and well thought out training is getting. But there is more to sports performance than just the training program. You also have to consider your quality of recovery and to be more specific, the quality of your sleep. Sleep is divided into 2 phases, Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) and Rapid Eye Movement (REM). Within NREM, there are 3 stages; N1, N2 and N3 (Slow Wave Sleep). In ...

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Are You Working Out Or Warming Up?

Are you training hard enough to improve your athletic performance? Answer these four questions and you'll be on the right track.

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Activate Your CNS For Peak Performance

Warming up your Central Nervous System prior to working out will help you maximize your power, speed, and performance.

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Dec 2017

Benefiting From Olympic Lifting

If you're really looking to improve your athletic performance, you should be doing Olympic lift exercises. There are many reasons why athletes should incorporate the Olympic lifts – or their variations – into a training program. Besides being fun, the lifts can have a dramatic effect on your overall performance. Not convinced? Here’s why YOU should be doing the lifts: Rate of force development Rate of force development is a key component of any program, once the basics of a strength training program have been mastered. Zatsiorsky calls this “explosive upper body and explosive lower ...

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Top Baseball Player Workouts

If you’re serious about your game then include these exercises into your workout program.

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