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Jan 2017

Best Butt Exercises For Athletes

The Athlete's Most Important Muscle   When working out, many people focus on training the obvious muscle groups such as abs, chest, and “curls for the girls,” but what is the athlete's most important muscle? While these all play important roles, they are by far not the only ones needed for optimal athletic performance.   One of the most exciting times in my life as a kid was when I got new shoes. My parents would always teasingly ask me, “Can you jump any higher or run any faster with those shoes?” The truth, due to the placebo effect, was that a part of me thought that I could. In reality...

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Top Back to School Workout Tips

Holiday's are over. School’s back. Maybe you stayed in great shape these past few weeks. Maybe you fell off the wagon. Either way, these workout tips will help you build muscle, lose fat, and help you get to where you wanna be. Whether you’re going back to school or not (shout out to the dudes who are just bro’ing out for another week instead of going to orientation), the summer’s over. Which means, whether you spent the last three months attempting to kill yourself, or spent them trying to get jaaaaaaaaaacked, it’s time to dial it back up so that you can build muscle and get cut once agai...

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Effective Exercises to Improve Your First Step

So you weren't born quick. Here are exercises and workouts to help you become faster, quicker, and more explosive. Quickness, explosiveness, reaction-ability. All of these refer to how fast your first step is. But is it really possible to improve the quickness and explosiveness of your first step? The simple answers is yes, but before laying out your “Get Quick Now” routine, let’s define some basic misconceptions about quickness training. While doing plyometric drills will increase your explosiveness, doing them over and over again will increase your strength and not your quickness. In o...

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A Different Approach To Fitness Goals

Getting into better shape starts with looking at how the opposite sex trains. I got my start in a small gym in upstate NY, which was really a beat up, abandoned, glorified warehouse with its share of leaks. It was, well, just downright old. But this place is where, as cliché as it may sound I was bit by the “iron bug.” I legitimately fell in love with the weight room. The thing is, even in this old beat up place, way back in the mid 90’s, I’m sure I saw many of the same things you all see now. That is, a bunch of dudes training hard. Loading up barbells to squat, pull, press, bench, ...

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Speed Strength Training

A few strength training tips that will improve your speed and explosiveness.

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Training Starts With Adequate Sleep

Getting better as an athlete starts with getting enough sleep.

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Are You Working Out Or Warming Up?

Are you training hard enough to improve your athletic performance? Answer these four questions and you'll be on the right track.

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Activate Your CNS For Peak Performance

Warming up your Central Nervous System prior to working out will help you maximize your power, speed, and performance.

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Dec 2017

Benefiting From Olympic Lifting

If you're really looking to improve your athletic performance, you should be doing Olympic lift exercises. There are many reasons why athletes should incorporate the Olympic lifts – or their variations – into a training program. Besides being fun, the lifts can have a dramatic effect on your overall performance. Not convinced? Here’s why YOU should be doing the lifts: Rate of force development Rate of force development is a key component of any program, once the basics of a strength training program have been mastered. Zatsiorsky calls this “explosive upper body and explosive lower ...

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Dec 2017

Top Baseball Player Workouts

If you’re serious about your game then include these exercises into your workout program. Let’s face it, most high school and college baseball players are weak as hell. The problem though lies not in their effort, but with their off season training programs. Too often baseball players are simply performing the WRONG exercises! High school and college baseball players need to get strong, especially in their lower half, as power is generated from your hips, thighs, and glutes. Which means, without a solid foundation and a solid workout program you’ll never maximize your potential as a p...

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