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Real versus Fake - what’s better?

Protein supplements, protein shakes and 'health bars' with additional packed in protein are everywhere in the market nowadays, but what's the real deal, and what is better for you in the long term? Make sure you know the facts before you start adding supplements to your diet that you perhaps don't need, or taking away natural foods from your meal plans and switching them up for something perhaps not as good. Supplements One of the main reasons that people turn to protein supplements after a session in the gym si convenience. It's a heck of a lot easier to reach for a scoop of protein powder...

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All You Need to Know About Coq10 Supplementation

It is undoubtedly among the most widely consumed oral supplement, yet lots of doubts remain about its use and benefits. It is a fat-soluble vitamin-like substance that is essential for cellular energy metabolism. In our cells, mitochondria can be called the powerhouse. Without Coq10 this energy reactor cannot function properly. Thus the organs with highest energy needs are also those that are rich in Coq10, and at the same time demand it a lot. Coq10 is also known by other names like coenzyme Q, ubiquinone, and ubidecarenone. Uses of Coq10 A bitcoin-related gaming and discussion platform ...

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How Would Glutathione Help

What is glutathione, would supplementing it do any good? It is a powerful antioxidant found in fruits, vegetables, and animal products. In humans, it is naturally produced in the liver. As an antioxidant, it plays a vital role in protecting our cells from damage by by-products of metabolism. In fact, it is the most important antioxidant in our body. It is vital for DNA synthesis and repair, thus having an anti-aging effect. It is essential for the production of a plethora of biologically active substances in our body, from prostaglandin to various enzymes. Practically every bodily system ...

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All About Creatinine and Supplementation

Various compounds of creatinine are one of the most recommended supplements for those looking to gain lean muscle mass. But what does creatinine do? Is the product worth the hype?

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Tasty Post Workout Protein Shakes

Tired of the same old protein shakes post workout? Mix things up with these new supplement recipes. A critical element to your workout and nutrition plan is your post-workout recovery shake. Immediately after putting time in at the gym, it’s vital to feed your body with the critical nutrients it needs to repair and grow. That starts with your post workout nutrition. Your muscles are broken down and tired, and unless they get the nourishment needed, you’re going to feel it the next workout. And, while there are plenty of solid post workout shake options, coming up with some nutrient-d...

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NCAA Legal and Illegal Supplements

What's NCAA legal and what supplements are illegal? With so much nutrition information on television, on the internet, and in the media, many consumers find themselves confused and unsure of what to believe. College athletes are no exception. In addition to safety and efficacy, student-athletes must also be aware of the NCAA regulations with regard to the use of nutrition supplements. The NCAA separates supplements into three different categories: Permissible, Impermissible and Banned. Before purchasing anything, it is important to understand what those categories are and what fits into e...

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The Best Supplements to Gain Weight

Here are the nutritional supplements you need to gain weight. If you’d like to pack on lean muscle mass, there are three things you’ll need: A heavy strength training workout program that provides an overloading stimulus to your muscle cells A higher calorie diet plan that allows you to be in a calorie surplus A line-up of top quality supplements that are going to support your gym and diet efforts Fortunately for you, OneResult provides all three. However, many athletes don’t get the results they want because they’re missing one, or more, of these elements. Before ...

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The Importance of Post-Workout Nutrition

Building muscle and improving your athletic performance starts with your post-workout nutrition. If getting the most out of your workout is important to you, then putting the most into the workout should be equally as important. In my last article, “Run before you lift, or lift before you run”, I covered the topic of exercise order and more importantly its role in burning fat. Since the order in which you place exercises is important, so too are the meals that surround your training, espeically if you're an athlete. The post-activity (workout, practice, or competition) meal sets up th...

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The Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

What is fish oil for, and what are the benefits of taking it? You’ve probably heard of omega-3s and fish oil. And you may be wondering if you need them, why you need them and how much should be taking every day. For starters though, it’s important to learn a little about omega-3s… because, not all omega-3 fatty acids are the same. A Little Biochemistry (don’t worry it isn’t scary!) Omega-3 fatty acids are basically a category of polyunsaturated fatty acids - the building blocks of fat in our body and our food. So, any fat found in food is typically composed of a variety of fatty acids...

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The Dangers of Diet Pills and Fat Burners

A closer look at fat burners, appetite suppressants, and carb blockers. You know that saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”? Well truer words couldn’t be said when it comes to the ridiculous advertisements and claims made by distinctly Not 1R-Approved over-the-counter (OTC) fat loss supplements and diet pills. I mean, dudes, chances are really good that even if you wanted to look like this guy, you’re not going to, no matter how much Hydroxycut you take (and in my unwarranted opinion, that’s a good thing…): Yikes. And, sorry to disappoint you, but double doses of Q...

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