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Top 5 Bicep Exercises

Top 5 Bicep Exercises

Regardless of whether its summer or not, big arm workouts are always in season. These bicep exercises will help take your strength training to the next level.

Even if you already have big guns, chances are you’ve looked in the mirror and said to yourself once or twice, “I look good but man, I could add a little more mass to my arms.” And why not? If you’re in the gym busting your ass you might as well get the most out of arms day, especially if you’re trying to look money in that Champion throwback that’s inevitably two sizes too small by now.

The point is, we can talk about compound movements and total body lifts until the cows come home, but just cause you bi’s are glamour muscles doesn’t mean you shouldn’t blast em. Now I’m not saying you should ever be that curls-three-times-a-week-and-never-squats-or-deadlifts guy. Nobody likes that guy. But if you hit these 5 exercises hard you’re gonna add a few inches to the pythons in no time.

So how are you gonna crush them to make that happen? I’d go with 4 sets of 10 reps, 8 reps, 8 reps, and 6 reps for each exercise. Feel free to use this program as your isolated bicep workout or mix these bad boys into your total body program. Either way you’ll see why these have earned the right to be called the Top 5 Bicep Exercises:

1. Straight Bar Barbell Curls: Just as the barbell chest press is to chest, the barbell curl is to bis; arguably the most effective exercise for building muscle. Now when you’re doing these keep your chest and head up and make sure not to let your shoulders swing and come down. If you feel a burn in your front delts you’re doing it wrong, so check your pride and drop the weight fellas. You’ll thank me later.

2. Hammer Curls: This is one of my favorites because it blasts your forearms and bis at the same time. Your veins will be popping all over the place and the outside of your bis will be burning, but make sure to keep your wrist locked and straight to avoid injury. When you start repping the 90 lb peanuts these can take a toll on the ol’ wrists if your form isn’t right.

3. Chin-ups: These beasts are widely overlooked for gaining size in your bis, cause they ain’t easy. With the palms of your hands facing you and your hands shoulder width apart, grab a straight pull-up bar, and well, pull your chest to the bar. Feel free to mess around with how far you go up and how slowly you come down, but no matter how you slice it, the pump you get will be a sick one.

4. Seated Incline Curls: Another exercise you don’t see a lot of people doing because they’re a bit awkward if you’ve never done them. Picture your elbows pointing to the floor when your bis are fully flexed and don’t allow the dumbbells to swing down when you bring your arms back down to the extended position.

5. Concentration Curls: I like to do these standing, old school, like Arnold used to bang em’ out. This way there’s no assistance whatsoever. These are a great exercise to end with because it really hits the full range full range of motion. Just remember who put you down on these when you feel like your skin is going to rip as you exit the gym and your bis are bulging.

And there you have it fellas. Five, that when done together, will give you the best bicep workout you’ve had in a while. Feel free to break ‘em up and use ‘em separately if you’re going splits or total body with it… but use ‘em. Why? Because in the end, despite rumors to the contrary, chicks dig big biceps.

To maximize your gains with these bicep exercises 1R would recommend the following supplements:

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  2. Cytosport Creatine - By increasing your body's ATP production creatine will help you become more explosive, more powerful, and more athletic when taken before or after workouts
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