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The Star Agility Drill

The Star Agility Drill

This agility drill will make you more agile and improve your on-field performance.

Hopefully you’ve been training and perfecting your plant and cut agility mechanics, because now it’s time to put those skills to the test in one of my favorite agility and speed drills: the star drill. This movement, like the Borkowski Agility Series, will test your ability to accelerate and decelerate properly, and enhance your ability to plant and cut quickly and efficiently. If those don’t translate to on-field performance, I don’t know what does.

Ok so let’s get right to the set up, shall we? Start by setting up 8 cones in a square pattern with each cone 5 yards apart. To decrease the amount of running you can decrease the distance between cones to 3-4 yards, depending on your needs, but 5 yards is a great starting distance. There will be 3 cones on the bottom of the square, 3 cones on each side, and 3 cones on top, totaling 8 cones. Use the middle cone on the bottom row as your starting point. This is cone #1 and the place where you’ll start every rep of the star drill. While the star drill can be performed many different ways, you’ll get the most out of it if you sprint to each cone and go through this drill as quickly as you can.

Now that we’re set up, let’s walk through how this drill is actually performed. To begin, start at cone #1 and sprint to the center of the square. As you approach the center, lower your hips and plant your right foot into the ground using proper plant mechanics and, cut back to the cone #2 (the cone to the left of cone #1). Push off of your right foot as you open up your hips and sprint over cone #2. Next, return to cone #1 and sprint to the center again, planting on you right foot and then pushing off and sprinting down a straight line at cone #3. This cut should be a 90 degree angle and you should return to cone #1 after each rep.

On the next 3 reps, finish by running through a cone on the top row of the box. The plant in the middle is more of a stutter step and push, rather than an all out plant and cut. However, you should still focus on planting underneath your hip and pushing off directly toward the cone. The top row of cones are #4, #5, and #6.

When you get to cone #7, you’ll change your plant leg to your left leg. You’re still going to cut by pushing off of your left leg and making a 90 degree cut sprinting over cone #7, and cone #8 is the exact same as cone #2 (but just switching plant legs from right to left). Once again, plant and open the hip to a sprint over cone #8, and finish the last rep over cone #1.

It may sound simple, and rather straight forward (and if it’s not, just check out the video), but the star drill can be a very effective drill for all athletes looking to improve their agility and speed, regardless of the sport you play. To make the star drill more sport-specific, change the manner in which you get to the center cone. For instance, basketball players can start at cone #1 and shuffle to the center before transitioning into a sprint over the rest of the cones. Football players can backpedal from cone #1 to the center before planting and sprinting over the other cones in the drill. Baseball and softball players can turn and run to the center before planting and sprinting over the other cones. So feel free to customize this drill to your needs, but make sure to work them into your training, as this drill will help improve your agility, transition speed, and overall athletic movement. Go out, go train, and get ready for the next drill coming your way soon.

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