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Five Supplements to Boost Your Performance

These nutritional supplements will have you amped up and ready to go for your workout. If you train hard, there’s no question you’re doing everything possible to maximize your athletic performance. That means making sure your training program is well structured, you’re getting the proper pre and post workout nutrition, and you’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night. But what dietary supplements could you be taking to push your training to the next level? For even better results, you might need that extra boost before training sessions. The following nutritional supplements wil...

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Using Variations to Maximize Your Strength

Stuck doing the same strength exercises over and over again? The following training routine will help push your gains to the next level. We all know the basic exercises; bench, squat, deadlift, and so on. But regardless of how effective they are, sticking to the same strength exercises can be detrimental to your training progress. Why? Because having no diversity in your exercises can lead to both boredom and less effective results. The key then to avoiding stagnation is to keep your muscles guessing. This approach is known as muscle confusion, and if done effectively, will keep you f...

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The Best Posterior Chain Exercises For Athletic Performance

It’s the muscles you can’t see that will make you a better athlete. Here are the best exercises to train your posterior chain properly. The strength of an athlete’s posterior chain is of paramount importance. Most only focus on the “mirror” muscles, often times neglecting both their glutes and hamstrings. Big mistake, especially when these muscles play a role in any athletic movement you’re looking to perform (running, jumping, throwing, etc). With a weak or inhibited glutes, you won’t be able to run as fast, or jump as high, and will rely on your hamstring and lower back much more. T...

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How Processed Meats Effect Your Diet

They're a lunch box staple, but what are processed meats, what's in processed meat, and how does processed meat effect your diet? 

18 / 08 / 2017 1R
Using Towels to Build Muscle and Strength

Want to instantly improve your total body strength and maximize your workouts with a simple piece of household equipment? Read on. The first thing I noticed when I walked into SAPT for my initial interview was that all of the athletes seemed to have a towel in hand. Looping them through kettlebells, wrapping them around barbells, hanging them over pullup bars, you name it, the towels were being used for it. As I walked through the facility, a high school guy nearly ran me over as he scurried across the room holding a towel looped through few kettlebells. Didn’t take me long before I looke...

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Add Yoga to Your Workout Program

Faster recovery, greater flexibility, and increased strength may be as easy as adding yoga to your workout routine. If I had a dime for every male client to scoff at the suggestion of taking up yoga to improve their performance, I’d probably have… well… at least ten bucks. Yoga’s gotten a bad rap for being “a chick workout”, “slow”, “boring” and “a waste of time when training to build muscle,” but I’m here to tell you that those are lies, lies, LIES! Incorporating yoga into your training routine actually drastically improves your flexibility, strength, and athletic performance. As I’m ...

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Aug 2017

Top 5 Reasons to Deadlift

A breakdown of how one of the best exercises on the planet can help you gain strength and build muscle when added to your workouts. For athletes, the deadlift is one of the most basic and beneficial movements in strength training. But can something as straight forward as picking up and putting down weight really take you to the next level? Absolutely, as this full body lift will increase your strength and lean muscle masswhile enhancing other aspects of your training as well. Core caving during squats? Add deads. Grip failing during lifts? Add deads. Poor posture in general? Add de...

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The 1R Metabolic Training Circuit

If this training circuit doesn’t kill you it will most definitely make you stronger… and more cut. Summer’s over which means the days of beaches, BBQ’s, and more beers than you’re probably willing to admit to have left with it. School’s back, work’s fully returned, and regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, you may have more than a few unwanted lbs as summer’s parting gift. But how do you get rid of those pounds, even if you don’t have a gym membership? Well, while we’d be the first to say strength training and having a place to throw the steel around will do a whole lot more...

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Best Finishing Exercises for MMA Conditioning

Add these exercises to your workout routine to increase cardiovascular endurance and cut fat. If you’ve ever done a metabolic circuit designed for combat athletes, you’ve experienced hardcore. You’ve pushed yourself to your limit, probably done a combination of tire flips, prowler pushes, and ground & pound drills, and maybe even dropped to your knees while reaching for the nearest bucket! Yes there are many variations out there, but the majority consist of 3-5 round (sets) circuits, lasting up to 5 minutes, including a variety of compound movements designed to improve your strength, ...

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Top Strength Tools for Combat Athletes

MMA fighter or not, these workout tools may be the difference between you, and the athlete you’re trying to become. As mixed martial arts grows in popularity, so too do the methods and techniques used to help the MMA athletes continually improve. Good coaches are realizing that in order to remain competitive, their athletes must have a program that covers not only their specialty, but many other aspects as well. So, while I enjoy creating traditional strength training programs, I really enjoy putting together challenging metabolic circuits for our guys. Yes, the equipment used in these ci...

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Aug 2017

Top 5 Oblique Exercises

Wondering what the best abs exercises are for the sides of your core? These five oblique exercises are the answer. Well summer came and went… again. Soon the temperature will drop and your appetite will return, but as you pack on that MASS this winter, it’s important to maintain a strong, cut up core. While I’m sure you’ll be repping out weighted situps and sets on the ab rollers until the cows come home, you’ve gotta hit your oblique muscles just as you do the middle. With that in mind, these five killer oblique exercises will help you on the road to shredding up for Beach Season 2012. ...

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Get Stronger Through Periodization

Getting better doesn't happen overnight. Here's how to train properly. I was watching TV the other night and in the course of an hour or so noticed 3 commercials for exercise equipment that would get me in the “best shape of my life in only 15 minutes, 3 day a week.” It never ceases to amaze me how the general public is always looking for the quick fix when it comes to fitness. Fad diets, fad products. Nobody wants to spend an hour or more a day sweating and working to get better so why not just tell them it can be done in 15 minutes a day? Worse yet, the companies that promise the consu...

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The Dangers of High Rep Workouts for Athletes

Your favorite fitness magazine says high rep workouts will get you toned, but is it the most effective form of strength training? To supplement all of the on-field training you’re doing, chances are you’re also putting in workouts at the gym to increase your muscle strength, quickness, and power. Maybe you’re even following a 1R workout routine.  But, are you making one vital mistake that could be costing you results? High rep training is one trap many athletes fall into, thinking, unfortunately, that it will help enhance their muscular endurance and prevent fatigue. Is that really the...

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The Effects of Alcohol on Athletic Performance

At what point does your drinking alcohol start impacting your athletic performance? We all know that too much alcohol is bad for us. The headaches, the dry mouth, and the next moning hangovers are our body’s way of saying we did something we shouldn’t have. But even though we know it’s bad, we still drink and occasionally end up hung over. While I’d love to stand on my soapbox and tell you never to drink, I was a college athlete and acknowledge the chances of that happening are slim to none. So instead of preaching to the deaf, I’ll offer some tips to help you alleviate the residual e...

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The Benefits of Dynamic Stretching

The days of traditional stretching right before games, practices, and workouts are over. Time to learn about dynamic warmups. So you understand how to use static stretching to increase your flexibility, but what should you be doing right before games, practices, and workouts to really maximize your performance and decrease your chances of injury? You should be doing dynamic stretches (also called a dynamic warm up). Walk into any collegiate weight room, gym, or sports field in America and you’ll see the athletes doing things like walking knee hugs, lateral lunges and inverted toe touches ...

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The Best Single Leg Exercises for Athletes

These single leg exercises may make you cry at first, but in time they’ll help you build muscle, gain strength, and improve your athletic performance. Leg strength is vital to develop in any sports performance program. It’s why squats, deadlifts, cleans, snatches, and more recently weighted hip thrusts are all used to increase strength, power, and agility. But while squats and deadlifts have for years been the foundation of my programs, the downside is they never work one leg at a time. So what’s the big deal about single leg training? Well, for athletes, and even those simply trying to...

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5 Fitness Tools 1R Endorses

With all of the “greatest piece of fitness equipment ever created… EVER!” noise out there, what fitness tools actually yield results? 1R’s got you covered.

10 / 08 / 2017 1R

Cooking With Pia : Fajita Shrimp Salad

In episode 3 of Cooking With Pia, you'll learn the recipe for how to make a delicious, healthy, easy-to-do fajita shrimp salad.

09 / 08 / 2017 1R
Best Exercises for Those with Knee Pain

If your knees are starting to hurt, but you still want to get after it, add these exercises to your workout. The reality is no athlete wants to stop training, ever. So despite the nicks and bruises that plague our athletic careers from start to finish, we’ll always find a way to continue working out. The catch is, many athletes don’t know what, how, or when to adjust their training to allow them to continue improving without making those nicks and bruises worse. That’s why I’ve compiled the list of exercises below. These go-to’s will allow you to remain strong without putting your body at ...

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Analyzing the Workout Napoleon Complex

If you're lifting heavy in your workouts, how much is enough to build muscle and gain strength?

08 / 08 / 2017 1R