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The Importance of a Workout and Food Journal

If you're serious about your workouts and diet, you should get serious about a fitness and nutrition journal. Many, in exercising and dieting, do so with a journal. Many (probably more) do not. But why are journals or logs helpful, and why should you consider keeping one? Journals allow you, or rather, force you, to plan goals, think about periodization, adhere to different rep patterns, track progress, maintain a level of exertion, and hold yourself accountable to that process. Research has proven those trying to lose weight are more successful when doing so with a journal than those ...

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Top 10 Foods for Your Dorm Room

Sick of living off Ramen, Easy Mac, and Pop Tarts? Read on for healthy, 1R-Approved, snacks.

07 / 09 / 2017 1R
The Importance of Grip Training

Want to improve your overall upper body strength? Enhance your grip strength. Introduction Grip training tends to be either completely neglected, or just tacked onto the end of the workout and rushed through. Which is unfortunate because those approaches (or lack of an approach) place a limit on athletic potential and upper body strength. It’s a cliché, but you really are only as strong as your weakest link. It doesn’t matter if you can bench or squat a lot, for if you can’t transfer that force through your hands, you’re not performing at the level you should be. So ask yourself, are ...

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The Do's and Don'ts of Sunday Funday

Whether watching the game on the couch or tailgating elsewhere, these tips will help you healthily throughout football season. Listen, to be honest I don’t know too much about football. But I do know plenty about tailgating. And regardless of whether or not you’re concerned with your weight, a Sunday Funday binge session does not increase your odds of winning your fantasy football league. Your washboard abs will still appreciate some healthier decision making, right? Lets start in the AM. Beers and Eggs on tap? Hit up those EGGS! Eating breakfast will keep you satiated so you don'...

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Creating the Perfect Pre/Post Workout Shake

Maximizing your results starts with the food, protein, and supplement, choices you make around your workouts. The harder you train in the gym or on the field, the more important it becomes to properly fuel your body with athlete-relevant nutrition throughout the day. The food choices you make at each meal will significantly influence how strong you are, how well you perform, and how quickly you recover. Make poor food choices and you’ll lose lean muscle mass, gain body fat, and grow weaker every day. That simple. No two meals may be as important as the one just before you workout, and ...

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The Modified Warrior Diet for Fat Loss

If 5-6 meals a day isn’t getting you the results you’re looking for, try this diet and lose weight fast. Popularized by many bodybuilding magazines, eating 5-6 meals a day every 2-3 hours is often recommended to athletes looking to either pack on mass, or as a method for fat loss. But after experimenting with this eating approach I don’t recommend it anymore. The major issue is, eating every 2-3 hours is extremely hard on your digestive system, especially when eating big meals throughout the day. My body didn’t feel right, my energy levels were low throughout the day, and I didn’t see the ...

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Why Do ACL Injuries Occur in Female Athletes?

A breakdown of what causes ACL injuries in female athletes. No injury strikes more fear into the hearts of athletes and coaches than an ACL tear. ACL injuries are especially devastating because of the arduous rehabilitation process, the difficulty in regaining pre-injury competitive levels, and the increased risk for arthritis that occursdue to limited mobility. Unfortunately they’re all too common. I remember sitting in a room with 10 of my football teammates in college and realizing that I was just one of two people in the entire room that had never experienced an ACL tear. And yet, d...

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Five Exercises MMA Athletes Should Be Doing

These great strength exercises will “lay the foundation” for better athletic performance when added to your workout routine. I really enjoy developing workout programs and circuits for my clients and athletes, and over the years, I’ve incorporated every tool you can imagine - dumbbells, barbells, tires, sleds, prowler, TRX, Ultimate Sandbags, Kamagon Ball, Home Depot hardware section creations, and many more. But with more experience and knowledge, the more I start to conform to the “less is more” theory. While I love experimenting and trying new methods and tools, when it comes to the m...

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Faster Recovery without the Cardio

Hate cardio? No sweat, as this recovery workout may be the better option. Q: Honestly I’m sore as hell after some of these 1R workouts. Any thoughts on how I can recover faster without jogging a few miles between workouts? A: If there’s one thing we hate at 1R, it’s long, slow, cardio… Be worse. But we can’t deny that a few miles between workouts does help significantly reduce the lactic acid responsible for your soreness. However if you’re like us and simply can’t stand dialing the treadmill in at 8 for 20-25 minutes, here’s an alternative that’ll not only speed up your recovery, but may...

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Aug 2017

Weighted Dip Program

If you want to build the muscle and strength neccesary to do more dips, this article will get you there. The dip is a huge bang for your buck upper body exercise in developing strength and size in all the muscles used for pushing. Now that you know how to do it, the next step is to make sure that you do sets of 10 properly. If you think you’re a tough guy, just scroll to the bottom of the article, because I have something right up your alley. Scenario 1: You can’t get all the way down and up. Maybe you have long arms or whatever the reason maybe. There are a few easy ways to work...

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Tips for Beating Lower-Back Pain

Bad back holding you back (see what we did there?)? Here’s how you get back to 100%. It’s no secret lower back pain is a wide spread problem. In fact, according to the New England Journal of Medicine1, 82% of you reading this probably have some sort of bulging disc you aren’t aware of. Oh, you’re not hurting? Irrelevant, as the study looked at asymptomatic individuals from all age ranges, including young, active people just like you! That’s pretty scary stuff, and it demonstrates the importance of keeping your lower back healthy. For even if you feel like it may be strong, you just one mi...

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Upper Body Trap Bar Exercises

Thought the trap bar was only used for lower body strength training? Start adding these upper body exercises to your workout plan and see your results take off. With my article on the 5 Trap Bar Exercises You’re Not Doing, I already gave you a taste of how the trap bar can be used to push your strength gains to the next level. But, as I’m sure you noticed, all of the exercises discussed were lower body and core focused. Not that focusing on core strength is a bad thing (as it will assuredly do much more for your body composition and athletic performance than endless bicep curls do) but p...

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Top 5 Swiss Ball Exercises

Stop looking at that swiss ball in the corner of your gym and put it to use with these exercises that will challenge your balance, coordination, and core strength. They’re found in every collegiate weight room, every private training facility, and in nearly every home across the country. They come in many colors, shapes, and sizes and they’ve been one of the biggest crazes in strength and conditioning over the past 10 years. Still haven’t guessed? I’m talking about the swiss ball (also known as a stability ball, physioball, or core ball, etc but I’m sure the title already gave th...

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Football In-Season Training Program

Simply put, this is THE in-season workout program you need. In-season training is THE most important training phase for a football player. Period. Of course, if you do nothing all off-season, and you start training hard in-season, you’re not going to become a superstar by season’s end. But, for those who paid their dues in the off-season, and got stronger, faster, and more explosive, in-season training is a must to maintain those gains. It’s inevitable you’re going to get beat up during the season – shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, and back – so to stay strong and healthy you must co...

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The Calories in Beer and Hard Alcohol

Don't just blame it on the Goose. Let's learn a little about how many calories are in your favorite alcohol beverages.

26 / 08 / 2017 1R
A Review of 10 Minute Toughness by Jason Selk

A few key takeaways to help you increase your mental toughness. Ever read a mental training book like "Finding Your Zone" and thought, “What am I supposed to actually do with this? Visualize my brain doing push-ups? This is a load of _____ (fill in whatever you deem most appropriate, I tend to be more on the vulgar side).” What's a "Mind Gym?!" If you have, and are generally done with the abstract concepts, or wishy-washy ideas on expanding your mental strength, 10-Minute Toughness by Jason Selk is the book for you. It’s concrete. I’m not talkin’ New Yawwwk City pavement on an egg-fryingl...

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How Much Protein Do Athletes Need?

Think you need 100 grams of protein after you workout to build muscle? Think again. One of the most common client questions I get is, “Just how much protein should I actually be getting if I want to build muscle?” Unfortunately the answer, because it depends mostly on one’s level of activity, is a little more complicated than you’d expect. Before getting to an answer though, it’s important to understand that protein helps to repair the muscle tissue broken down through weight training and endurance work, like HIIT. This recovery process is where the strength and size of your muscle tissue...

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What Are Antioxidants and How Do They Help

What are antioxidants and how they can help make you, the athlete, stronger and healthier. Ya know how apples, pears, and bananas turn brown after you slice 'em? This is because of a process called oxidation. The product of oxidation is free radicals. If you're a science nerd, here's how oxidation works: oxygen is metabolized by the cells on the fruit's surface (oxidation). Free radicals are formed-- these are atoms with unpaired electrons. Having an unpaired electron makes them really unstable, so they attack surrounding stable molecules and steal electrons. This initiates a domino pro...

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Examining Energy Drink Nutrition Facts

What's the real deal with energy drinks like Red Bull, Rockstar, and Monster? Everyone has heard an urban legend or two about the dangers of Red Bull…it causes brain tumors, it contains bull semen, etc., etc. Let’s take a look at the label ingredients and see what is really going on inside that 8.3 oz. can. Carbonated Water: Well, at least we know the first ingredient. Sucrose, glucose: Sugar, sugar. Taurine: An amino acid precursor that promotes brain development. It occurs naturally in foods, especially meats and seafood, but average daily intake in most adults is about 60mg. Thou...

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Handstand Variations You Have to Try

Your favorite upper body training program’s favorite upper body training program. From time to time, I’ll start to feel like I have a decent amount of relative strength, and then the Olympics will roll around, and I’ll spend a week watching gymnasts compete. The strength, power, and flexibility they posses immediately shatters my confidence and I waddle home with my tail between my legs. When asked what body type I’d like to have, I always answer with 1a. A gymnast, and 1b. A sprinter. Why? You don’t ever see out of shape gymnasts or sprinters. You do however see plenty of overweight an...

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