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Workouts for Athletic Arms

Bigger arms and better sports performance starts with this functional arm workout. One of my favorite things about training athletes is something I call, “Athlete Intuition.” Athlete Intuition is when an athlete just knows and understands movement. Sometimes this is seen in a change of direction during a sprint, where a great athlete will instinctively drop a shoulder to lean into a turn, and sometimes it will be dropping the hips and flattening the back to pick up something heavy. Regardless of the situation, the fact is the greater the athlete’s intuition, the greater the athlete. ...

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Shoulder Exercises for Injury Prevention

Your shoulders take a beating. These shoulder exercises will help protect you from unwanted injuries. Much like the ankle joint, the shoulder joint benefits greatly from extra time spent on pre-hab exercises. Here we’ll discuss three different pre-hab movements that are all both easy to perform, and effective in developing the muscles in,and around, your shoulders. Pre-hab exercises are best performed at the beginning of your workout, and can even be included into your warm-up, but regardless of when you do them, just be sure to do them! Y-T-W-L This shoulder series is very easy a...

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The Paleo Diet

What’s the Paleo Diet and will it help you lose weight?

03 / 10 / 2017 1R
Exercise Selection 101 - Upper Body Workouts

Get the most out of your training through these upper body exercises I don’t focus on training muscles specifically, but rather on training and improving movement patterns. That’s why I love incorporating “full-body,” compound exercises like get-ups (TGU’s), crawling variations, and jumping drills, just to name a few. Which isn’t to say that I don’t separate exercises out based on their muscle-area emphasis, because I do. I’m big on “templates” and “categories,” but love having a menu of movements to “plug & play” with. The templates are forever evolving, but there are main “categories,” ...

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Adding Bands and Chains To Your Bench and Squat

How chains and bands can help you increase your bench press and squat performance. As you prepare for the season, it’s vital you train to be powerful and explosive, regardless of the sport you play. Why? Because what sport do you know of where the athletes aren’t looking to get bigger, faster and stronger? Right, that’s what I thought. Well, if you’re looking to take your game, or training, to the next level incorporating bands and chains into your training, especially in the bench press and back squat, may be exactly what you need if you’re looking for. Much like the Olympic lifts and...

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5 Before-College Workout Tips

Here’s how to ensure that you’re really ready for college. Having signed your letter of intent, what’s your next step before setting foot on campus? Below are five workout tips selected to help properly prepare you for the rigors of college athletics. Learn to Hydrate You’ll learn pretty quickly that college practices and workouts are much more demanding than those of your high school days. And with fall one of the hottest times of the year, hydration will play a huge role in helping you ward off heat exhaustion and heat stroke. So, carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go, a...

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1R Contributor Spotlight: Carolyn Brown

An exclusive interview with 1R contributor Carolyn Brown

29 / 09 / 2017 1R
The World’s Best Pushing Exercises

Get bigger, stronger, and more cut with these training exercise. Over the years I’ve made it clear I prefer posterior chain/pulling movements to pushing exercises. That, for the majority of the population, I feel the benefits of backside exercises far outweigh their anterior chain counterpart. Now, this doesn’t mean I don’t like pushing exercises. In fact, pressing and pushing are staple movements in all my programs, as I’m sure they are in yours, and are essential to a well-balanced routine. Which is why, whether a professional MMA athlete or a young professional, make sure you include e...

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Sep 2017

3 Training Myths Exposed

Contrary to popular belief these three training techniques are doing absolutely nothing for your strength, size, or athletic performance. I can’t tell you how many times I’m in the middle of coaching and think to myself: “Man! If only I knew in high school what these kids know right now, who knows how my athletic career would’ve ended up…" You see, most of the athletes I work with are 14-18 year-olds, which is the very age range in which I made almost every conceivable training mistake. Because the resources available to me were muscle magazines and “bodybuilders” at my local gym, I wast...

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Are Pre-Workout Supplements NCAA Legal?

Which pre-workout supplements are NCAA legal? Here's everything to know before taking these workout supplements. In the world of high performance athletics, we’re all searching for any type of edge that we can get. So when a new supplement makes a huge splash on the market and gets a ton of publicity, we should take a look at it and see if we can pull back the marketing curtain and see what’s REALLY there. “Nitric oxide” supplements are being heavily marketed to build muscles and promise to promote extended “muscle fullness, vascularity, and pumps”. Other claims include resistance to musc...

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Sep 2017

The Plyometric Circuit

Boost your strength, improve your endurance, and get more explosive with this ten minute plyometric circuit. Muscle strength training and muscle endurance training are important aspects of one’s training program. Possessing powerful legs that can get you through the rigors of a long season are vital not only to reducing your risk of injury, but also to giving you an edge later in the game when your opponents are dragging. The addition of a plyometric circuit to your training program can help you achieve these goals. While I use this program (that lasts ten minutes max) at the beginning of...

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Upper Body Exercises to Improve Your Squat

Believe it or not these five upper body exercises will actually help improve your squat. Yes, you read that title right and hopefully you’ve read the rest of this series so you understand where I’m going with this. Today we’re going to talk about how to train your upper body to help you with your squat. This is going to include your abs, upper back, lats and traps to get you set to move some weight. Now, I know you’re probably laughing over there thinking, “wow, this guy’s really lost it this time,” but I’m not kidding around. In all seriousness, these exercises will help you stabilize...

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Is Chocolate Healthy?

Does chocolate's “antioxidant content” make it healthy for you?

26 / 09 / 2017 1Result
What Are the Benefits of Flaxseed Oil?

What exactly is flaxseed oil, and what is it about flax seeds that makes them so healthy? What’s the dilly-o with flaxseed oil and flax seeds? Sounds pretty healthy, right?  First things first, flax seed comes from this really pretty baby blue plant: Now onto the nutrition side of things. What are the benefits of this pretty plant? Flaxseed oil is rich in an Omega-3 fatty acid, called ALA. After you digest flax, ALA is converted in your bod to the two other Omega-3s (good stuff!!) found in fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, lake trout, or albacore tuna. Omega 3's have a gazillion he...

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Why Front Squats Are Better Than Back Squats

Think that the back squat is the best exercise on the planet? Well perhaps this will make you think again. Now I’m sure you’ve probably heard this before, but the worst thing an athlete, or even someone who’s just looking to get into better shape, can do, is to avoid squatting… especially front squatting. There’s no better total body exercise for improving your strength, speed, and size, period. Not only do squats burn more calories than any other complex movement, but they’ll work every muscle in your legs and help build a strong core. So why front squats over back squats? Well, one p...

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10 Minute Fat Burning Jump Rope Program

If long distance cardio isn't your thing, burn fat with this jump rope alternative. Some people like to run for the pure pleasure of running. If you're not in that group (and quietly hate running for the sake of running) then jumping rope and HIIT may be just what the doctor ordered. Yes, it's old school, but its impact on your waistline will be undeniable. Not only does it take less time than jogging, but its high intensity makes it more exciting, and frankly a better exercise option, for those who wish to burn fat and retain their lean muscle mass. In addition, jumping rope can also impr...

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Functional Training for Athletes

Improving your athleticism starts with functional workouts. Any good coach will tell you that becoming a great athlete isn’t about bench pressing 400 pounds or leg pressing a house. While incredible feats, neither necessarily has a direct impact on the way you perform in game. Now while I’m well aware that trying to counteract the information you’ve accumulated from muscle mags over the years may be an epic fail, I’d like to discuss functional training workouts and the ways they can help you become a better athlete. Before giving you a sample workout let’s discuss some of functional t...

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A List of the 5 Worst Condiments

Mayo, Sour Cream, Ranch, Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Oh My! You wouldn’t dare take a bite of a hot dog without adding a little ketchup/mustard/relish, and everybody knows that hot wings are worthless without blue cheese dressing, right? But often your go-to condiments are made with unhealthy ingredients and are loaded with calories, sugar, and fat. Condiments give flavor and a familiar taste to foods, which is why those side shelves of your fridge are stocked with at least one or two of them. Not sure about those eggs or chicken fingers? Why not add Heinz ketchup? But while it seems harmless t...

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Pulling Exercises for Greater Strength

Incorporate often-neglected “back-side” exercises into your strength training to gain muscle and increase your strength. I can't straighten my fingers as my hands are stuck in an “iron claw” pose; a half opened fist if you will. My forearms are throbbing. My biceps have an unbelievable "pump". I’m bleeding from a scratch above my left eye. My lats feel like I just finished 6 sets of weighted pull-ups. Was I in a New York City bar with my Sox hat on? No, I just finished a 90 minute grappling session and I’m completely spent. One reason is, being a relative novice to MMA, I tend to “mu...

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10 Foods to Get You Jacked

Get ripped, add lean muscle mass, get cut, get jacked. Right, great, but here's the food you'll need to do it. This time you mean it. Mcdonalds for breakfast is no more, and you’re gonna take it easy on the late night Taco Bell. You've read my 5 Tips article and you’re ready to get that frame of yours jacked/ripped/yoked/yeah we get it. The good thing is, you’re on the right track. Even though I love throwing the steel around as much as the next guy, the fact is, what you eat may be even more important when it comes to looking better with your shirt off (which, let’s be serious, is all you...

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