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The Best Supplements to Gain Weight

Here are the nutritional supplements you need to gain weight. If you’d like to pack on lean muscle mass, there are three things you’ll need: A heavy strength training workout program that provides an overloading stimulus to your muscle cells A higher calorie diet plan that allows you to be in a calorie surplus A line-up of top quality supplements that are going to support your gym and diet efforts Fortunately for you, OneResult provides all three. However, many athletes don’t get the results they want because they’re missing one, or more, of these elements. Before ...

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Gym Bag Essentials

These workout tools will help you get the results you’re looking for from your training program.

14 / 11 / 2017 1R
The Best Kettlebell Exercises for Power Endurance

How kettlebell training can help improve your strength, power, and athletic performance. It’s acknowledged kettlebells are a great tool for increasing power, endurance, and work capacity, but there would seem to be two tiers of exercises with them. Popular, classic kettlebell exercises, like the snatch, clean, and jerk. And lesser known kettebell exercises that are equally adept at improving athletic performance. Here we’ll discuss both groups, as they will all help you add lean muscle mass and improve your power endurance as quickly as possible. Hope you’re ready, because here we go… One...

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Critical Component Series - Recovery

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, needs a day off for rest and recovery. Incorporate these techniques into your routine for optimal results.

13 / 11 / 2017 1R
Bench Press Power Training

Want to learn how to bench press more weight? Read on… So you want to improve your bench press? Well, just so you know, it won’t magically happen by just adding more weight to the bar. My biggest bench press gains have come from taking a step back from max effort work, and focusing instead on speed work. I stopped worrying about the weight, and started worrying about how fast I could move the bar. In a six week span I took my close grip bench press from 275 X 3 to 315 X 3 EASY, with visual proof here: Making 295 look like a warm-up… 315 X 3 with a rep or two in the tank… During thi...

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Top Snacks For Max Performance!

A healthy diet is sustained by these healthy snacks.

12 / 11 / 2017 1Result
Exercise Selection 101 - Torso Training

These core exercises will help you get the most out of your strength training. I don’t train muscles specifically, preferring instead to focus on training and improving movement patterns. It’s why I love “full-body” exercises like turkish get-ups (TGU’s), cleans, crawling, and jumping drills. Which isn’t to say that I don’t separate exercises out based on their muscle-area and movement emphasis, because I’m big on “templates” and “categories.” Having a menu of movements to plug and play really helps to simply the construction of a routine. These templates are forever evolving, but there...

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The 10 Worst Foods You Ate As a Kid

Childhood favorites that are, simply put, bad for you. Below is a list of the worst foods you ate as a kid. Do you know how much crap you ate as a kid? If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s, it’s likely you were a victim of frozen meals and instant potatoes. The terribly unhealthy for you processed food industry meant your parents could regain a social life by leaving a 16 year-old babysitter to make you dinner. Good news for you for a few reasons: Your parents were paying a hot girl to pay attention to only you… Great for bragging rights You were allowed to stay up late watchin...

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1R Contributor Spotlight: Jay DeMayo

An exclusive interview with University of Richmond Strength and Conditioning Coach, Jay DeMayo. Jay DeMayo has been a 1R staple since day one, providing articles on everything from the ever popular Back to the Basics Series, to the 100 Rep Challenge. A former college soccer player, Jay has been working as the Head Basketball Strength Coach at the University of Richmond since 2005 where he’s worked with numerous professional athletes including Tim Hightower, Lawrence Sidbury, and Justin Harper. We caught up with Jay to discuss strength training, freak athletes, and adjusting to athletics at...

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Are You Working Out Or Warming Up?

Are you training hard enough to improve your athletic performance? Answer these four questions and you'll be on the right track.

11 / 11 / 2017 1Result
Activate Your CNS For Peak Performance

Warming up your Central Nervous System prior to working out will help you maximize your power, speed, and performance. Want in on a little secret? Every great workout begins with a great warm-up. Just as you would warm-up and loosen up your legs prior to a heavy squat workout, or warm-up your chest prior to bench press, the same thought process must go into preparing the Central Nervous System (CNS) before all workouts in a similar capacity. Now that I’ve got your attention, what’s the CNS and why should you care? Basically, the CNS controls all of your motor functions, which means th...

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Meal Planning For a Healthy Pre-Game

Don't erase months of training because of a poor pregame meal. Eat healthily and be prepared with these pieces of advice. Timing, food choice, and portion size are all keys in planning your final meal(s) before competition. While some athletes can stomach just about anything, most will battle pregame jitters. Knowing that, here are some general principles for fueling your body, without disrupting your stomach, when it’s time to perform. This might sound crazy, but on game day it usually takes your body extra time to digest meals. Thus, you should plan to eat your final, full, pre-game m...

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The Importance of Post-Workout Nutrition

Building muscle and improving your athletic performance starts with your post-workout nutrition. If getting the most out of your workout is important to you, then putting the most into the workout should be equally as important. In my last article, “Run before you lift, or lift before you run”, I covered the topic of exercise order and more importantly its role in burning fat. Since the order in which you place exercises is important, so too are the meals that surround your training, espeically if you're an athlete. The post-activity (workout, practice, or competition) meal sets up th...

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Nov 2017

Move Like an Athlete

Understanding locomotion is the foundation for better athleticism. At the heart of every athletic competition lies the most fundamental of human activities: locomotion. Locomotion is cyclical movement with the purpose of transporting oneself from point A to point B. Sometimes this alone is an athletic competition, like in track, while in other sports it’s a critical element to performing at the highest level. Those who can’t be caught, can’t be tackled/blocked/tagged/defended, and will in all likelihood be the superior athlete. There is plenty of literature out there regarding the ...

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The Best Kettlebell Abs Exercises

Use these kettlebell abs exercises to take your core strength to the next level. Kettlebells are an awesome tool for true core training. Besides making you look like the absolute man on the beach, a strong core is critical to athletes who want to perform at peak levels and stay healthy, for all athletic movements (running, jumping, cutting, etc) start with your core. Unfortunately many people think of spinal flexion and extension when it comes to “core training,”’ but these types of exercises (like crunches, weighted situps, etc) will neither help stabilize your core, nor help you reach ...

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Nov 2017

Developing Athletic Abs

These three abdominal and core exercises laugh at the situps you're currently doing. I’m sure that everyone has seen a commercial for how to get perfect Six-Pack Abdominals. But from an athletic standpoint, what does it mean to have a strong core? I have worked with athletes that were super lean and had great looking abdominals but still had lower back issues. On the flip side, I’ve worked with athletes that didn’t look like much but could do any exercise that I asked them to do for days on end. So what is the difference between the two? In order to answer that question, you have to re...

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Fat Loss Planning Pt. 4:  Losing the Last Five Pounds

The final touches for meeting your weight loss goals. In Pt.1, Pt.2, and Pt.3, we discussed the core elements of losing weight. Having nailed down the basics, it’s time to think about the small factors that will push your fat loss to meet your target body composition. Fine-Tuning The beginning of a weight loss program is the easiest. The process is new, you’re excited, and the weight seems to fly off. Then after a month or two, things slow down, real life gets in the way, and gaining weight (or just eating normally) starts sounding like a great idea. Here are some tricks to make sure...

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Foam Rolling to Faster Recovery

Using a foam roller before and after workouts will help you alleviate soreness and get back to 100%. Everyone knows that recovery is a crucial component to increasing performance and decreasing the risk of injury. In order to minimize your recovery time, those who train consistently should get proper rest between training sessions, eat properly, and get enough sleep on a nightly basis. However, sometimes those methods aren’t enough to reduce soreness and get you back to 100%. I know because I’ve been there and my athletes have been there… But this is where your new best friend, the foam r...

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Workout Myths Exposed: Vol. 2

Here are three more training techniques that do absolutely nothing to help you gain strength, build muscle, or improve your athletic performance. In the first volume of this series we discussed three training mistakes happening at gyms across the country. I’d, however, be flat out lying to you if I said those are the only three I see on a daily basis. Thus, in an effort to set the record straight here are three more myths that need to be exposed. We’re all, at one time or another, guilty of doing one or more of these, so please read on, help spread the word, and let’s set the record strai...

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Critical Component Series - The Dynamic Warm-Up

Include a dynamic warm-up into your training routine to ensure you are properly preparing your body for battle. In this 6-part series, I will briefly explain the essential pieces that comprise a complete strength and conditioning program for MMA and other combat athletes. The six components are as follows: Dynamic Warm-Up Explosive Medicine Ball Movements MMA-Specific Resistance Training Flexibility Energy System Development Regeneration Time While we may not include all six components into every session, these represent the foundation of the 8 to 10 week...

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