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Mar 2017

Deep Squatting 101

Explaining why total body exercises like deep squats will help you get bigger, faster, and stronger. The biggest misconception about squatting, and deep squats in particular, is that they’re extremely hard on both your knees and back. Is that really the case? Simply put: no. Research shows deep squats actually activate and strengthen your knees, glutes, and lower back almost twice as much as parallel squats, meaning more muscle, more strength, and fewer injuries (so long as you’re doing the exercise properly). Still not convinced that deeps squats are worth working into your routine? Well ...

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Stop Running Long Distance

Lose more weight and burn more fat without running miles on end. Long distance running is ever popular in the athletic and fat loss communities, but I just don’t understand why? From an athletic performance perspective, there are few benefits to running 3-5 miles, as this type of training does nothing for your power, speed, and explosiveness. In fact, it may actually detract from your athleticism. From a fat loss perspective, there are a ton of far superior options to long distance running, all yielding better results if trying to lose weight, burn fat, or simply get into better sh...

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Squat Improvement Exercises

If you're looking to get stronger in the squat, these five lower body exercises will put you in PR territory. The best goals in sports are scored off great passes. The great assist is something that you see on ESPN all the time. An alley op, a one timer, a diving header, or a play at the plate, the assist is what makes the play. I’m going to go over my five favorite lower body assistance exercises that will have the best carry over to the squat. Now, before I continue, you better get one thing clear. If you don’t squat and all you do are these exercises, I’m not saying you’re going t...

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What Sports Drink is the Best?

From Gatorade to Powerade, every sports drink looks the same, but what do you really need in a sports drink, and when do you need it? All sports drinks, be it Gatorade, Powerade, or Propel, are not created equal, and for good reason. While many of them differ greatly from the original Gatorade (which was intended to rehydrate and replenish electrolytes), this new generation of beverages still has a place and purpose. Knowing what you’re looking to accomplish will help you choose the right drink for you, but I’ve created the list below to provide you with some “best in class” options. Pure...

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Staying Strong During the Season

Contrary to popular belief, lifting heavy in season will give you the best chance of maintaining your strength and size all season long. Today’s coaches and athletes fully understand the value of strength and power gained during the off-season. These precious gains are like money in the bank to be taken out later in the season. But you can’t stop training once the season starts and expect your investment to be there when you need it. If there’s no workout program in place to maintain hard earned lean muscle mass, then please believe those gains will be lost 4-6 weeks after strength tr...

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Cooking With Pia : Salmon with Baby Spinach Salad

This salmon salad recipe is delicious, filling, and easy. Want to learn how to make it? Read on.   Feeling stiff post-workout? Trying to dynamically loosen up for a game? Then this is the healthy recipe for you. From the salmon to the walnuts, the plate is loaded with fish-oil-would-be-envious Omega-3's. Throw some brown rice on there and you've got yourself a delicious, filling recipe, that required just eight simple ingredients, and at most a half-hour of your time. No wonder it's a OneResult favorite.  Here's what you'll need: 1 center-cut salmon fillet (6 oz) 1 tablespoon...

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Common Programming Errors

If looking to improve your body composition and athletic performance, avoid these common errors. Is your training program suitable to help you accomplish your fitness and athletic goals? For many the answer is, “no,” and the mistakes they’re making are common and avoidable. Whether trying to get bigger, faster, stronger, or more cut, here’s what not to do. Error 1 - Too Much Slow Long Distance Cardio Most sports are not aerobic in nature, requiring instead repeated short bursts of maximal acceleration and rapid deceleration. Few sports require prolonged steady state running, and yet ae...

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Feb 2017

MMA Training Routines

This MMA-inspired training complex will challenge your physical and mental toughness more than any workout you’ve tried before. The last few years we’ve all witnessed MMA absolutely explode. With the exception of a few big men/heavyweights, the competitors are some of the best-conditioned athletes in the world. Their training frequency, both in the gym and on the mats, exceeds all other sports, taking up more time than most people’s nine-to-five. Which is why, for former athletes looking to stay competitive, MMA training may be what you’re looking for. Not only is it mentally and phy...

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Why You Need Carbohydrates Post-Exercise

Here's how to use carbohydrates to increase strength and decrease your recovery time. By now you may be totally confused about carbohydrates. The anti-carb camp will tell you that you don’t need carbs and they make you fat. Yet you’ve seen skinny top-notch endurance athletes chowing down on bread and fruit after races. What gives and who’s right? Actually, both are right and wrong at the same time. The problem with blanket nutrition recommendations you see in the headlines or hear from trainers at your gym is that everyone is different. Taking one recommendation, like cutting carbs, and ...

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Training the Hamstrings and Glutes

Running faster and improving your athletic performance begins with your posterior chain. More often than not, strength professionals, personal trainers and weekend warriors are guilty of focusing heavily on exercises that develop the front side of the body (anterior chain). Exercises that focus on this muscle group are bench press, squat, leg press, shoulder/military pressing & abdominal work. These muscles are important; they’re the primary muscle group that accelerates the body from point A to point B, whether it’s a sprint, a vertical jump or a throw. However, how does the body decel...

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Kettlebell Swing Variations You Have to Try

To increase your power and burn fat, work Kettlebell swings into your training routine. One of my favorite exercises for improving power in the hips is the kettlebell swing. Sadly, for most, this movement has turned into a squat with a front shoulder raise. And, while I suppose there’s nothing wrong with putting those two movements together, I’d rather keep my swing in the hips. Yes, the knees will bend…but as Pavel says, “The knees will bend as an afterthought”. To properly perform kettlebell swings, you really want to snap the hips forward. Think of the arms and the bell as just being...

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5 Medicine Ball Exercises for Explosiveness

Five exercises to help you run faster, hit harder, throw further, and improve your overall athletic performance. We’re all looking for that edge over other athletes; that something that makes us bigger, faster, and stronger than our competition. But while some athletes can snatch and clean all day, others just aren’t able to perform Olympic Lifts due to muscular imbalances, injury, or improper technique. With the use of medicine balls that’s no longer a problem. Now, increasing your explosiveness (a key component to running faster, hitting harder, and throwing further), is as easy as inco...

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Avoiding the 5 Mistakes All Athletes Make

These five strength training tips will give you the edge this offseason. Let’s face it. Athletes train in multiple ways to improve their athletic performance. But no matter what training program they use, or what sport they play, the same mistakes appear time after time. Which is why I’ve put the list below together, as what follows are the five most common mistakes athletes make in the weight room, on the field, or in daily life. Most importantly, you’ll find suggestions on how best to actually avoid making them. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get going… 1. The Everyday Grind........

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Split Squat Variations You Have to Try

To mix up your lifts, try these squat variations to add strength and lean muscle mass. Fundamentals, as in fundamental movement patterns, are a must in anyone’s strength training program. You know, the primary lifts that comprise the foundation of all of my programs: Squatting, hip hinging, lunging patterns for the lower body, and pushing, pulling, and rotating for the upper body. Combine these movements with mobility work, proper conditioning, and clean eating, and you’re on your way to a healthy lifestyle and better athletic performance. Having said that, I’ll be the first to admit th...

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The 5 Exercises You Have To Do

Whether trying to look better or perform better, these are the MUST exercises in your workout routine.

07 / 02 / 2017 1R

Physical Challenges for Time

These 3 fitness challenges will put your mental toughness and athleticism to the test.

06 / 02 / 2017 1R


Feb 2017

The 100 Rep Bench Press Challenge

Step up to the plate, and challenge yourself with this bench press test. A challenge, a line in the sand, a gauntlet thrown down. A call out. Yeah, I’m calling you out, all of you. I’m challenging you to take me, and the rest of OneResult Nation, on in a monthly competition. What’s at stake? Are you serious? You’re that soft you need “incentive”? To WIN, to compete, to be the best, that’s what at stake. If you need more, well stop reading my articles you spoiled little douche bag (although word on the street is that 1R is throwing out a free tee, shaker, and tub of protein to this mon...

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Crawling Core Exercises

These four basic movements that you’re not doing will strengthen your core and add a little variety to your workouts.

06 / 02 / 2017 1R

The Bigger Arms Workout

Tired of the same bi/tri routine? Mix things up as beach season prepares its return.

03 / 02 / 2017 1R
Why Processed Foods Are Dangerous

A look at processed foods, and why no healthy diet should include them. Maybe you’re finally living on your own, or perhaps the parentals took a little getaway and left you to fend for yourself for the week. Either way, there’s nothing worse than waking up hungry to an empty fridge. So you take your fine behind on down to the grocery store to stock up on food (because we know you’re trustworthy and NOT throwing a rager!). Wandering through the aisles, your eyes skip the 1R-approved snacks, and instead go to the TV dinners, frozen pizzas, hearty soups, filling chips and dips, sugary sports ...

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