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The Benefit of Hill Sprints

Run faster, burn fat, and improve your athletic performance with hill sprints. I’m often asked what the best exercise someone can do is. And while there are many answers depending on the individual’s goals and ambitions – one exercise that always makes my shortlist, regardless of goal, are hill sprints. Why? Because hill sprints will make you faster, better conditioned, and noticeably fitter as you'll burn fat rather quickly. Why are hill sprints so good? Hill sprints offer a vast array of mental, and physical, benefits but here are a few of the reasons I hold them in such high regard....

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A Quick Guide to Plyometrics

What are plyometrics, and why should you care about plyometrics? Plyometrics are explosive exercises that can help to improve your performance in all sports that require sprinting, jumping, and change of directions. Examples include box jumps, explosive push-ups, and other exercises that I’ll discuss later in this article, but it’s important to note that what makes plyometric exercises different from other exercises is that they train the stretch-shortening cycle. So you’re probably thinking, “Ok, but what exactly does that mean?” Valid question. The stretch-shortening cycle is characte...

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Adding Strength and Build Muscle Fast

Looking for an extra 10 lbs of lean muscle mass? This is the workout program for you.  A lot of young guys ask me what program they should follow to add tons of size and strength. They’re generally sick of typical bodybuilding routines, which have yielded just moderate size and strength gains, and are searching for better answers. The most effective strength programs I’ve ever used are those similar to the Pendlay ones, which emphasize the big three lifts: squats, bench press, and deadlifts. Their operating premise is, if these three lifts recruit the most muscle fibers and thus lead to th...

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Two Exercises to Develop Explosive Power

These two exercises will help you increase your power and explosiveness, without the risk of injury. As an athlete you’ve probably heard about the important role that Olympic lifts can have in your training program. They’re a great tool to help increase your power, strength, and explosiveness. The benefits of these lifts are endless for an athlete, but paying attention to their technical details is extremely important. The Olympic lifts are designed to train what is called “triple extension”. What that means is simply an extension through your ankle, knee, and hips. Triple extensio...

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May 2017

Back to the Basics: The Pull-up

Step away from the lat pulldown machine, and report to the pull-up bar. Your upper back will thank you. People love to throw out hypothetical situations all the time. One that strength and conditioning coaches do quite often is ask the question, “If you could only perform one exercise what would it be?” Mine without hesitation is the pull-up as it’s far and away the best upper body strength exercise available, period. So now I ask you, why do so few people actually do them? And of those that do, why do so few actually do them right? The answer to those questions is simple. Because t...

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The Nutrition Facts of Dried Fruits

Just because it says "fruit" in the title, doesn't mean dried fruit will help you lose weight. Raisin fanatic here. It's a problem. And you might have spotted new, fancy packaged dried fruits on the shelves recently like kiwi, mango and cherry. 100% healthy? Really?? Here's the scoop: There are about two to four times as many calories in dried fruit like apricots as in it's fresh counterpart. Removing the water from fruit makes it much more calorically dense, much as fried food is significantly more calorically dense than grilled food is. It maintains all the sugar but just shrinks in si...

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The Facts about Eggs and Egg Whites

How nutritionally healthy are eggs, and egg whites, for you? At 70 calories each, an egg has 6 grams of high biological value (HBV) protein and lots of vitamins and minerals, but that’s just the beginning. Eggs are also great for energy and muscle building, they are full of antioxidants that are important for your brain (choline) and vision (vitamin A) and they’re even rich in an amino acid that’ll lessen the misery of hangovers (cysteine)! But even with all of their positive traits, eggs have still been the subject of lots of controversy over the past decade because of their high chole...

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May 2017

Functional Training 101

Improving your athletic performance starts with training like an athlete. “What is functional training and why are we doing it?” are two questions lots of athletes ask when they realize bicep curls are missing in our workouts. To which I usually ask, “Would you rather look like Arnold Schwarzenegger and be absolutely terrible at your sport, or look weak and be the best athlete that ever lived?“ While most inevitably ask if “both” is an option, the majority usually realize that they’d rather be Kevin Durant than Arnold Schwarzenegger. But what if I told you “both” actually was an option...

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5 Trap Bar Exercises You’re Not Doing

Maximizing your core strength and lower body strength begins with a trap bar, a level of determination, and these five exercises. The trap bar is a great tool for anyone looking to build muscle, whether an athlete or just someone working to get stronger and look better. It can be used for a variety of exercises, as its unique design allows for a natural, and shoulder-friendly, position that places much less stress on your spine than a straight bar does (as the trap bar enables you to get directly in the center of the bar). So while you may have never done the exercises below, trying the...

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Top Five Abs Workouts

The list of ab workouts that everyone's been looking for…

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Developing Different Types of Strength

Big lifts and explosive verticals require different kinds of strength. There are roughly a dozen commonly recognized types and qualities of strength. Some are technical terms found in journals, while others are practical definitions most-used by coaches. Athletes and gym rats alike stand to benefit from being familiar with these variations. To get you started, here are a few of the important ones. Maximal Strength When you put about 80% or more of your one-rep maximum on the bar, your body enlists every single fiber in the working muscles to move that weight. Grinding through these he...

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Next Level Bench Press Variations

Take your bench press and chest workouts to the next level with these exercises and approaches.

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Five Plateau Breaking Exercises

The five exercises that’ll help break plateaus and mix up your training routine.

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H.A.M. Football Conditioning

Want to be better conditioned than everyone else? Start here. Before the meat and potatoes of how to really train football players for game-ready condition, let’s start with two quotes: 1. “Pain and anguish is an amazing glue that bond people together.” 2. “No personal confrontation = no toughening” In my last ever college football summer workout we did fourteen, that’s right, FOURTEEN, 300 yard sprints. The mental toughness built from finishing fourteen 300 yard sprints is unparalleled. Not to mention, the value that completing this grueling workout with my teammates built an unbr...

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The Key to Preventing Shoulder Injuries

Here are five simple exercises to keep your shoulders injury free. No matter what your discipline or philosophy of exercise is, if you are not doing injury prevention and pre-hab exercises, you could be at risk. Because let’s face it, injuries happen in all sports and activities. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to help prepare and thus avoid these injuries by simply strengthening the small intrinsic muscles of the shoulders, hips, and ankles. As the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Bucknell University, I work with a number of athletes, and part of my job is to help them remain injury f...

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Apr 2017

The Going Out Workout

It’s almost game time. Get a pump in and look your best when out with this quick 30 minute workout. Look, there are only so many hours in the day. So when you’re balancing work, school, sports, family, and ladies with training and a solid nutrition plan, the week ends up flying by. Before you know it, it’s Friday evening and you gotta meet up with the fellas to hit your favorite watering hole. But you gotta go out looking pumped up right? RIGHT?! To ensure you’re bringing the A-game when it’s time to shine, here’s a 30 minute workout that’s gonna burn your muscles and not the clock. Sup...

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The Best Footwear for Weight Training

Forget the new “state-of-the-art” running and basketball shoes, and improve your training with these three footwear options. You peruse the great articles here on to find information on training, nutrition, and supplements, and as an added bonus, you get my great humor and intelligence. What follows here’ll be no different, as this piece on choosing the right footwear will not only help you train better and improve your weight lifting and performance numbers, but also help you feel better as well. In thinking about your footwear, there are a bunch of “running” shoes with to...

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Bar Complexes for Fat Loss

Tired of trying to lose weight on the treadmill? Use bar complexes to burn fat, increase your endurance, and mix up your workouts. One of my favorite training methods that I frequently use with my athletes is the bar complex. Why? Well, the complex itself has numerous physical benefits, but the reason I love it is because of how mentally challenging it is. Ok so why will you love it? Let me put this as simply as I can: how many training techniques will help you burn fat in a very short period of time, increase your training volume/endurance, and break up the monotony of your regularly sche...

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Apr 2017

The Inverted Row Program

Regardless of whether or not you can do one inverted row or 50, this article's got this great back exercise covered. We’ve covered performing the inverted row. Now let’s talk about how to put it into your program. As was done with the push up, let’s talk about three situations: 1) you can’t perform the inverted row, 2) you can’t perform 10 and 3) you can get at least 10 and want something to crank it up a bit. Before we even start, don’t even think about throwing this exercise out because it’s too hard. That’s just a cop out. This exercise is prescribed by every strength coach that I...

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How to Gain Weight and Increase Strength

Getting bigger and adding lean muscle mass need not be complicated. Follow these tips to gain weight quickly, and easily.

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