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How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

How much coffee is too much coffee, and what types of coffee should you consciously avoid?

24 / 05 / 2017 1R


May 2017

Top 5 Core Exercises

Is your core ready for beach season? These five core exercises will make sure your answer is “yes.” Summer’s around the corner which means cutoffs and aviators at the BBQ are coming out. But just as you don’t wanna be the guy who’s massive up top with toothpicks for legs, nobody wants to be the guy with big arms and a spare tire. How then do you strip the fat off to make sure your definition’s where it ought to be post-Memorial Day? These 5 staples will lead you to the six pack abs promised land… Ab Rollers: This core exercise are deceptively hard. The wheel’s been around for a long t...

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Why We Don't Sell : BSN's Cellmass

Why we don't carry BSN's dietary supplement Cellmass.

24 / 05 / 2017 1R
Nutritional Deficiencies in Athletes

The vitamins and minerals athletes need to maintain a healthy diet and improve athletic performance. As a dedicated athlete or weekend warrior, chances are high you’re doing everything you can to ensure that you get enough calories, proteins, carbohydrates, and dietary fats. One thing you may be overlooking though is you micronutrient consumption, i.e. your daily amount of vitamins and minerals. While all individuals need to cover their nutritional bases, as an athlete there are some micronutrients you need to be particularly conscientious of getting regularly. Below you’ll find a list ...

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Maximizing Workouts When Short On Time

If you’re looking to maximize your lean muscle mass but don’t have hours to workout, this is the training program for you.

22 / 05 / 2017 1R
So now what? Life after the final whistle

A former lacrosse player's take on staying in shape after college athletics. For many of you, college graduation is looming in the not so distant future. With the cap and gown comes freedom from squatting, suicide runs, hang cleans, and many other exercises that you never would have done if it weren’t for the team trainer telling you to do so. Finally! But, hold up for a hot minute. While you no longer have to get up at 6AM to lift weights, can drink alcohol less than 48 hours before working out, and can eat whatever you want without wondering what sprint workout you are doing that day...

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A Review of Finding Your Zone by Michael Lardon, M.D.

The cover's not compelling, the key mental toughness takeaways from this book will get you on your "A" game. I actually attempted to write my college essay on being in the Zone. I got waitlisted. Go figure. Point is, even attempting to describe the Zone is no simple task. Providing strategies on tapping into this intangible mental strength phenomenon feels potentially phony. I picture it as a TV infomercial, “And, in case this book is full of crap, you will receive a pair of walkie-talkies for free, just to sweeten the deal! Batteries and shipping and handling not included”.  Awesome. Go...

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The Benefits of Whey Protein Supplements

If you're looking to build muscle, gain strength, and lose weight put down the soy and step this whey. Whey protein isn’t just for bodybuilders. In fact, whey can help people of all ages achieve better health and a better looking, stronger body. What makes whey so special? It is naturally composed of the best amino acids and immune boosting compounds. In fact, whey has the highest achievable protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAA) – a measure of both how well a protein is digested and how well it supplies the amino acids needed by an adult. In addition, whey contains all o...

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May 2017

Hangover Prevention 101

Did your night finish with a hangover? Let's talk hangover cures and ways to treat this unwelcomed visitor. Sometimes you wake up in the mornin’ feelin’ like P. Diddy. Other times you just wake up in the morning with a really bad hangover, a game in an hour, and no idea of how to remedy the hangover in time. Let’s be serious, the only real way to ensure you wont have a hangover is to abstain from booze. But in real life, sometimes “just one beer” turns into Jager Bombs, and before you know it it’s the following AM and you have a pounding headache and one shoe on. While you may not be abl...

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May 2017

Back to the Basics: The Dip

The dip is to the upper body as the squat is to the lower body. If you're not doing this exercise, you should be. Dips have been both bashed and praised recently, so I’m going to give you a little bit of both here. First, if you take this exercise and go too far, too heavy and too fast, then yeah, you can mess up your shoulders. Let me ask you this though: if you go too far, too heavy and too fast on any exercise what’s going to happen? You’re going to get hurt, right? So do me a favor, just like with everything else I’ve put in this series, pay attention to detail, get it right and p...

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The Benefits of Beta-Alanine Supplements

Increase your workout capacity and endurance by supplementing with beta-alanine. All athletes, and many recreational exercisers, have hit extreme muscular fatigue at some point during training or competition. Your body says “no more” and your thoughts are fixated on how you’ll make it through your race. Once you finally finish and consume some carbohydrates to power your brain, you muster up the determination to do whatever it takes to avoid this very unpleasant feeling in the future. And, the first step toward fixing anything is digging into the root of the problem. For years people cu...

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The Best Exercises for Lower Back Strength

Getting faster and more explosive begins with the training the muscles you can't see in the mirror. Here are the best lower back exercises on the planet. The lower back is an integral part of your posterior chain and is involved in every athletic movement you do. A weak lower back is part of a weak core which means less speed, less explosiveness, and less power. So what’s the solution? Well, these lower back exercises of course! First off though, it should be noted that when training the posterior chain, and muscle groups such as the lower back, weight’s not as important as technique. ...

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The Best Circuit for Better Core Strength

Ok, so it's not 8 minutes abs, but do this circuit in 10 minutes and you'll be well on your way to better core strength How strong is your core? Let’s not confuse having a six-pack with core stability. A six-pack ensures you boy band status. True core strength ensures the unilateral leg chain and posterior chain aren’t broken as they attempt to deliver generated power to your upper body. In layman’s terms, those muscles surrounding your midsection serve as a connecting unit for your legs and upper body. One of the best ways to strengthen your core is by collapsing and extending your bod...

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Train Every Day, Get Better Every Day

Improving your body composition and athletic performance requires every day dedication.

16 / 05 / 2017 1R
The Best Supplements to Have Before Bed

A better pre-bed supplement routine can have a profound impact on your muscle strength and size. Much has been said about the effects of late night eating, but many overlook the importance of getting a good pre-bed supplement regime. Look at it this way: If recovery is a 24 hour process and you’re only tending to 2-3 hours of that process post workout, you’re ignoring a large window of recovery that could bring with it much better results. Which is why, if you really want to step your progress up, you must consider your body’s needs throughout the day. This includes the 6-8 hours you spend...

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Offseason Workouts for Football Players

All of the tools and workout templates you’ll need to be ready this fall.

14 / 05 / 2017 1R

Limiting Carbs to Burn Fat

Want to burn fat quickly? Start by using a low carb approach on your off days.

13 / 05 / 2017 1R


May 2017

5 Beach Body Workout Tips

Trying to get cut and build muscle before the summer? These tips will steer you in the right direction. Summertime means you want to look good at the beach, or wherever the party’s at. To do that, you know you’ve gotta pack on some more meat (ughh...), and get rid of whatever the going out 5 nights a week over the past 9 months routine has slapped on you. Live by these 5 simple rules and you’ll be on your way to getting cut and building muscle for summer. 1. Have a plan and lift like a man Walk into the gym with that plan or you’ll wind up jerking around by the treadmill bunnies. We’ve a...

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Strength Training for Athletic Performance

Put down the muscle magazine, lay off the bicep curls, and start training in a way that will improve your athletic performance (don't worry, you'll wind up looking good too). Train for athletic performance or train for appearance? That’s a question I find myself asking a lot of my athletes these days. Do you want to be quick, strong, and athletic, or do you want to look like a bodybuilder who can’t touch his elbows together (you know you just tried that)? I often preach to my athletes that when it comes to training, what you look like is less important than how you perform (but if you’re...

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Power Training with Accommodating Resistance

Serious techniques for advanced lifters to improve strength, size, and athletic performance.

09 / 05 / 2017 1R