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Long Slow Distance Runs vs HIIT

If you're really trying to lose weight and increase your lean muscle mass go easy on the jogging and give HIIT a shot. Why do so many people still think that long slow distance training works for fat loss and better health? It’s crazy to me to think that these people have done the same thing for so long when these boring, useless training sessions are far less effective than other training methods. So what happens when these individuals run a few miles a week and don’t notice any difference? They add another mile onto their route expecting that mile to make everything better. Sorry to be ...

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Top 5 Explosive Upper Body Exercises

If you're looking in increase your explosive power and athlete performance, add these exercises to your workouts. While the lower body is of the utmost importance to athletes who want to run faster, jump higher and be more explosive, a powerful upper body is extremely important for combat athletes and others who require hand speed, upper body power, and, well, just want to look better at the beach. Think about a football lineman blocking a defensive end coming off the line of scrimmage or a wrestler trying to avoid a compromising position. Or an MMA fighter in the second round looking f...

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Tips to Improving Your 40 Time

Get faster and improve your athletic performance with these speed drills. Even if you believe shorter acceleration training and multi directional work is more important than running in a straight line, the 40 yd dash remains the king of the NFL Combine. So, to lower that time to Chris Johnson status, use the tips below to improve your 40. Extensive Tempo Runs The workouts below are from my track coach, Carl Valle, who has prepared several athletes for the Olympics and currently coaches a team in Boston. They’ve prepared me for my first track meet with just a few months of training, an...

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Does P90X Improve Athletic Performance?

P90X promises to help you lose weight, burn fat, and build muscle, but will it make you a better athlete? We’ve all seen the infomercials for P90X and how you can get “shredded” by following the program. The infomercial highlights dramatic weight and fat loss, not unlike fat burner commercials like Hydroxycut. Of course, being the athlete you are, you’re always looking for the next best thing to provide that edge. Unfortunately, I’m here today to tell you that if you’re looking to separate yourself, P90X is NOT for you. Here’s why… Move Like an Athlete No matter what sport you play,...

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Accelerated Bodyweight Training

No equipment? No problem. These upper and lower body exercises will help you build muscle and gain strength.

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The Nutritional Facts on Peanut Butter

While peanut butter can help you build muscle, choosing the right type makes all the nutritional difference.

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Performing the Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

Yes this lower body exercise will be help you get bigger, run faster, and improve your athletic performance. Most people I know in the game of training athletes say when it comes to programming, chances are if you hate doing something it’s what you should be doing. Why? Because most of the time the things you don’t like to do are: 1) things you suck at, or 2) things that are hard. In both circumstances you should incorporate the exercise in your training for two reasons: 1) if you suck at it, chances are it will help you get better because what makes the movement hard is the mobility...

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Gaining Weight Versus Speed

Can you get bigger and still get faster? The answer might surprise you. “If I gain weight won’t I get slower?” I commonly get asked this, particularly from athletes who’ve been told they need to get quicker and gain weight. And while how much you weigh will have an impact on your speed, it isn’t as straight forward as heavier equals slower. Here are points you need to consider when planning you’re offseason training. The Car Analogy The lighter the car the quicker it generally is. But we can add weight to a car in a number of ways. We could add a sandbag in the back seat that would ma...

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Gain Strength with Strongman Training

Tired of doing the same old workout at the gym? These strongman techniques will help you build muscle and gain strength like never before. Adding variety to your training can be a key component to your success. Whether that means changing your set and reps scheme, or adding new lifts, both can be effective. But why not think outside of the box for a second? What type of training enhances your existing program, puts you in a competitive environment, improves your mental toughness, and enables you to have fun? The answer is what I like to call “Strongman Training.” “Strongman Training” ...

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Eating Healthy At Taco Bell

We all have bad diet moments. Here's how to have Taco Bell without the next day taco calorie blues!

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Jul 2017

The Single Leg RDL

Add this complex exercise to your workout routine to work your core and entire posterior chain. I’ve mentioned before that the exercises you should be doing are the hardest ones. Which are typically those you suck at. You should always be looking to add big “bang for your buck” exercises to your workouts. When people talk about big “bang for your buck” exercises, the Single Leg Romanian Deadlift, or SL RDL, is near the top of the list. And when it comes to difficultly level (meaning it’s hard and people suck at it), this is the hardest exercise in the world to do properly, which is exa...

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Build Muscle Through Better Nutrition

Want to gain weight? Eat the right foods and watch your lean muscle mass and athletic performance improve.

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Examining the Myths of Milk

Does milk actually do a body good? The answer might surprise you…

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5 Fat Loss Tips

Burn fat, lose weight, and get into better shape with these 5 simple weight loss tips.

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Cooking With Pia : Grilled Chicken and Tomato Omelette

Looking for a healthy, easy, breakfast recipe? Meet the omelette, your new tasty, best egg, friend! It's not late breaking news that breakfast is the most import meal of the day. Nor is it that eggs and the omelette are morning staples. Heck, omelettes are an afternoon and evening staple too, but for right now, let's just work on mastering it in the morning shall we? Eggs are a fantastic source of protein, and your options for "add-in's" are literally infinite. A real left-over cleaner-upper, omelettes are the definition of a healthy, easy, recipe. Whatever you want and like can go...

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Jul 2017

How to Snatch

Run faster, jump higher, and improve your athletic performance with the snatch. We’re all crunched for time when it comes to getting in a good quality workout. Now by quality I’m not talking about the arm pump up you do before a day at the pool (you all know exactly what I’m talking about). Instead, I’m talking about an exercise that encompasses everything it takes to be an athlete; an exercise that develops flexibility, stabilization, strength, and power, and trains the body as a unit. Have any idea what exercise I’m talking about? Well the title of the article probably gave it away...

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Using Olympic Lifts to Build Muscle

Athlete or not, these lifts will help you gain strength, improve your power, and increase your explosiveness. “Speed Kills, Strength Punishes…but Power turns heads." Yeah, “what the hell does that even mean?!” Well, when coaches are watching recruiting film, they are looking for a DYNAMIC athlete that’s not one-dimensional. Speed and strength are both individual dimensions. Therefore if you focus entirely on one of these aspects, you’ll be just that… one dimensional. Power however is the “formula” that combines these two components, creating a dynamic, multi-dimensional athlete. So ho...

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Jul 2017

The Power Rack Workout

Find a power rack, do this workout, and get on your way to becoming bigger, faster, and stronger. You, a power rack, 5 exercises, and a buncha 45lb plates. What else could you ever want or need? If you’re trying to build muscle and gain strength, the answer is “nothing.” Gone are the days of messing around with machines or free weights. If you’re serious about putting on big boy size, the power rack (doing these exercises) is where you need to park yourself for a no nonsense workout routine. Barbell Squats: We know em and love em. A foundation piece for any athlete workout. But don...

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Is Subway Healthy?

Looking at Subway's nutritional information to keep you from looking like the Jared's "before" pictures.

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Jul 2017

Do Fad Diets Really Work?

Are fad diets like the Master Cleanse and Raw Foods diet really effective ways to lose weight? In college, food is abundant. The munchie mart is open at all hours, Taco Bell is right off campus, the dining hall serves several meals a day, and, sometimes there’s even an additional dining hall for athletes. I promise you the Freshman 15 isn't just a rumor. Sure it would make sense to stock your dorm room with healthy snacks, but maybe not completely realistic. But, while it's pretty sweet you don’t have to plan your meals, it's kinda gross the food you're eating is unhealthy and the eating h...

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