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1R Retail Advantage | OneResult

The 1R Retail Advantage

1. Fast delivery
Place an order with us before 2 PM Monday-Friday, and there’s a strong chance your order will get delivered in two business days.

2. Low prices
We know you have a million options when it comes to supplement purchases. That’s why we make our prices as competitive as possible, and offer some of the lowest prices online.

3. Safe, NCAA-approved, products
We don’t sell fat burners, testosterone boosters, or anything else that’s not NCAA-legal. There’s lots of money to be made selling those products, but we can’t justify doing it.

4. Only products that work
We test everything that we sell. If it works, we sell it. If it doesn’t, we don’t. Nothing more to it than that.

5. Better product descriptions
We make supplements simple. All of our descriptions are in layman’s terms, so that you’re able to understand what it actually is that you’re buying.

6. Free training and nutrition plans
They’re free, they were created by NCAA-certified strength coaches and registered dieticians, and they’re tailored to your sport and goal. Getting better doesn’t mean just buying the right supplements. It means training well and eating well. We’ll help you do that.

7. Daily content
It’s free, it’s informative, and it’s well written. It’s our daily article, and for you, did we mention it’s always free?

8. It’s EASY
You don’t even have to leave your house, dorm, or apartment. The days of lugging around jugs of protein from your local retailer are over, and you’ll wind up saving time and gas money in the process.

11 / 03 / 2017 1R