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What to eat to keep in tip-top shape

Exercising regularly goes a long way in keeping fit and healthy. However there's one more place where you need to keep your weight on your mind other than the gym floor, and that place is the kitchen. Ever heard the phrase, 'abs are made in the kitchen?' well it's certainly true for anyone looking to tone up and define the shape of their body. One of the easiest ways to watch what you eat is to be more considerate about what you are putting into your body. Clean eating seems to have exploded onto the nutrition and exercise scene this year, but it's not as hard and as hardcore as you may th...

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Staying Healthy in Your 40’s and Beyond

Turning 40 doesn't mean that your health is going to nosedive; in fact, you can stay strong and healthy well into your 60's and beyond if you take some simple, common sense steps toward living a healthy life. Here are just a few tips: Exercise You likely already know the importance of daily exercise; taking the stairs, going for a walk after dinner, parking your car at the back of the parking lot instead of closer to the doors - but did you know that as you age your metabolism not only slows, but you lose muscle mass as well? That's why it's so important to add strength training to your car...

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Real versus Fake - what’s better?

Protein supplements, protein shakes and 'health bars' with additional packed in protein are everywhere in the market nowadays, but what's the real deal, and what is better for you in the long term? Make sure you know the facts before you start adding supplements to your diet that you perhaps don't need, or taking away natural foods from your meal plans and switching them up for something perhaps not as good. Supplements One of the main reasons that people turn to protein supplements after a session in the gym si convenience. It's a heck of a lot easier to reach for a scoop of protein powder...

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Basic Nutrition to Enhance Your Workout

Now it doesn't matter if you're working out to build stamina, muscle or you just want to lose some weight, healthy eating is always the most effective way to boost your results and quickly. The term healthy eating could mean a lot of different things to different people and so looking at what you need to boost your workout is vital for the best results. Here are some things to remember when it comes to eating right for your workout type. Carbs are a controversial topic when it comes to nutrition and exercise. Do you need them? What kind of carbs should you eat? When should you eat them? What...

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Exercises Outside Of The Gym

Although gym memberships have seen enormous increases in recent years, with more and more people signing up to monthly memberships and different classes, for many people, the gym simply isn't a comfortable place to be. It might be that it doesn't fit in easily with your lifestyle, that the gyms nearby aren't up to your standards, or that you just prefer to exercise on your own - or any number of other reasons. However, there are plenty of other exercises which you can do to get a good workout without going to the gym. If you want an exercise that will tone many different muscles in your body...

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Easy Steps to Becoming a Vegetarian

It's always a good time to change your diet, and more and more people are making the change to plant-based diets. Not only is it better for you, it's better for the environment. It's easy to do and you will see and feel its effects within a few weeks. If you are seriously considering it, here's some helpful tips. 1. Research Read up on what you are getting into. Check out some useful sites online, check out some recipe books, there are fabulous recipes online and even 'how to' cooking videos on youtube. Ask around, ask your friends or other family members who are vegetarian or vegan ...

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Jan 2018

Tips for Eating Clean

Looking after your body doesn't need to be difficult and when you start eating clean you'll notice a massive difference straight away. Clean eating is about eating foods that haven't been processed and that pack a nutritional punch. Real food that is as close to their natural state as possible and that have been grown keeping animals and the environment at the forefront of importance are all key components of healthy eating. So it's you're thinking this sounds like something you'd like to try out then read on for a few tips to get going. Make Your Salad Colorful Add in a few fresh veggies a...

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Carbohydrates - evil or necessary?

If you have a quick scan of the lose weight section in a bookstore you will quickly find that carbohydrates are often blamed for a lot of problems to do with weight, but what's the truth? Are they really as bad as they say? Or, in moderation, can they be healthy? After all, we're all always talking about maintaining a balanced diet. If you'd like to know the facts, read on... The government says that carbohydrates should make up about two thirds of our diet, and they are actually a vital part of our diet. But that doesn't mean you should be eating two thirds of a loaf of bread,we also get a...

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Achieve The Abs You've Been Dreaming Of

Having the perfect stomach is the main thing that people who crave fitter figures think about. And they are one of the hardest muscles to grow, tone or define. However we are here to help, with some smart tips to make sure you are making the most of your workouts and eating the right foods to get you looking ab-tastic. Eat right Eating right is the top reason why many fitness junkies do not get the abs that they want. The first rule of muscle toning is eating the right amount of protein. When you are lifting weights or doing hundreds of crunches, what you are actually doing is tearing your ...

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Best Abs Workout With No Equipment

The abs are an area that most people want to work on and it's a great way to get into the world of exercise. Not only do abs exercises strengthen your core but you'll feel the effects of them stretch into other areas of your life. While a good workout will leave you feeling better, if you've always been dreaming of a six pack then exercise alone simply won't cut it and factoring in a healthy, balanced diet is key. For the best results you don't need to go to the gym and use tons of expensive equipment, it's possible to start your abs training from the comfort of your home. So here are a few e...

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The Good, Bad, And Ugly: All About the Fats

For years' word fats have been associated with adverse health, something that increases the risk of heart disease, responsible for obesity, chronic fatigue, even diabetes, and much more, though there is partial truth in it, but not entirely. Just consider the fact that your brain is mainly made up of cholesterol, or every single cell wall has cholesterol in it. In fact, during last few decades, it has been found that our health is suffering due to indiscriminate cut back on fats. Not all fats are ugly; some are really good for our health. Fats are an excellent source of energy; they help to ...

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All You Need to Know About Coq10 Supplementation

It is undoubtedly among the most widely consumed oral supplement, yet lots of doubts remain about its use and benefits. It is a fat-soluble vitamin-like substance that is essential for cellular energy metabolism. In our cells, mitochondria can be called the powerhouse. Without Coq10 this energy reactor cannot function properly. Thus the organs with highest energy needs are also those that are rich in Coq10, and at the same time demand it a lot. Coq10 is also known by other names like coenzyme Q, ubiquinone, and ubidecarenone. Uses of Coq10 A bitcoin-related gaming and discussion platform ...

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How Would Glutathione Help

What is glutathione, would supplementing it do any good? It is a powerful antioxidant found in fruits, vegetables, and animal products. In humans, it is naturally produced in the liver. As an antioxidant, it plays a vital role in protecting our cells from damage by by-products of metabolism. In fact, it is the most important antioxidant in our body. It is vital for DNA synthesis and repair, thus having an anti-aging effect. It is essential for the production of a plethora of biologically active substances in our body, from prostaglandin to various enzymes. Practically every bodily system ...

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All About Creatinine and Supplementation

Various compounds of creatinine are one of the most recommended supplements for those looking to gain lean muscle mass. But what does creatinine do? Is the product worth the hype? Muscles, brain, and all the organs that consume high energy are rich in creatinine. It is produced in the liver and converted to so-called creatinine phosphate, which serves as an energy reserve for various organs, especially muscles and brain. Yes, it is a powerful stamina booster. When after few intensive reps of a specific exercise, a person starts to go low on ATP (the energy source for muscles), creatinine pho...

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Understanding The Essential Amino Acids

Not all proteins are equal, some are better, as they are richer in essential amino acids Many people who lack much knowledge about nutrition think that proteins are one thing. However, there are thousands of different types of proteins or even millions. Proteins are large molecules that are made up of amino acids. Amino-acids are building blocks of proteins. Thus take amino acids as alphabets, and proteins as words. To speak and write English, we need to know few thousand words and just 24 alphabets. Similarly, each cell of our body contains thousands of proteins, and each of it contains ju...

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Dec 2017

How to Perform the Inverted Row

Better shoulder health, better core strength, and better athletic performance with the inverted row, a basic "back" exercise. In this edition we are going to go over the how’s and why’s of the inverted row. This horizontal pulling movement is not only a great exercise for all the posterior muscles of the upper body, but is also great for shoulder health and core stability. While this is a bodyweight exercise, I feel that this exercise is a necessity for improving your athletic performance, so much so that you will see every athlete I work with performing them at some point during a week ...

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Nutritional Tips For A Healthier Holiday Season

Five healthy nutrition tips to prevent the diet wheels from coming off this holiday season. The holiday season is a time for family, a time for joy, and for many, a time for indulgence. But if the thought of treats, parties, alcohol, and other delicious (read fattening) Thanksgiving and holiday temptations has got you worried, then think of this article as your prevention plan! By following some of the tips and suggestions below you can enjoy all the delights the holiday season has to offer, without completely dropping your diet plan and training routine. So let’s get right to it, shall we...

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Improving the BIG THREE: Part 2 Bench Press Drills

Everyone wants to move big weight on the bench. Add these exercises to your workout routine to do just that! The bench press is, without a doubt, the most popular weight training exercise on the planet, and with good reason. There may be no better test of absolute strength for the entire upper body. But, if you walk into any commercial gym you’ll see a variety of bench press exercises, and most of them aren’t any good! Whether it’s half reps, bouncing weights, or extremely rounded back, it’s not pretty! The truth is, most people just need to learn how to bench properly. The first major...

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Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day

A healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here's what to eat for breakfast, and why. Breaking – the – fast, genuinely my favorite part of the day. But not everyone loves breakfast the way we nutritionista/o’s do. Maybe you’re not hungry in the AM or you don’t have the time, but eating a healthy breakfast should be a priority, whether you’re an athlete or just health conscious. Why breakfast? Let me use my favorite analogy. Your body is like a car, it can’t run without fuel. Whether you get up and hit the gym in the morning, or you hit snooze 17 times before sprinting in...

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Benefiting From Olympic Lifting

If you're really looking to improve your athletic performance, you should be doing Olympic lift exercises.

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